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UK’s drone survey and 3D mapping services, our nationwide 3D geospatial mapping offers substantial insights. Exceptionally precise data analytics are delivered through our use of drones, equipped with commercial high-grade 3D mapping technology.

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UK’s Leading 3D Mapping Survey Company

The UK’s frontrunners in the field of 3D mapping services, improving efficiency, sustainability and profitability across various sectors using advanced 3D mapping technology.

Our services are available throughout the UK and we offer precise high-resolution 3D mapping services meticulously designed to save time and resources.

Our team of licensed operators strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), ensuring safe and compliant operations as we deliver our professional 3D geospatial mapping.

We specialise in Advanced 3D Site Mapping and Performance Reporting. Our 3D topographic mapping services and drone 3D mapping solutions are perfect for any project requiring detailed, accurate visualizations. Work with us to experience the precision of our 3D Mapping Services.

Accuracy That’s Beyond Hobbyist Photogrammetry Providers

Professional-grade quality in our 3D mapping services, surpassing the capabilities of hobbyist photogrammetry operators

In-House Expert Geospatial Technicians for Precision 3D Mapping Processing

Our geospatial technicians provide custom-tailored, high-accuracy 3D mapping, surpassing standard drone software processing

Heavy Lift Commercial Drones With Custom Payloads For 3D Scanners

We use heavy lift commercial drones with customised payloads, designed to effortlessly carry advanced swappable 3D scanners

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High-Resolution 3D Mapping Service

What Is A 3D Mapping Service?

A 3D mapping service is a high precision technology-based process that creates three-dimensional models of real-world areas or objects, often employing drones equipped with advanced scanning and imaging equipment, providing detailed visualisations for a variety of applications including construction, urban planning, land surveys, and infrastructure inspection.

3D mapping services provide precise, comprehensive visualisations of areas or structures, enhancing decision-making in various fields. This cost-effective and time-saving method also ensures safer inspections by using drones to access hard-to-reach areas, facilitating detailed analyses.

Aerial 3D Mapping Service UK

3D models and visualisations For Urban Planning

The leading 3D mapping service provider in the UK, we specialise in offering high-quality, accurate, and detailed spatial information to support building maintenance and plant management.

Our services utilise advanced technologies such as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and photogrammetry to capture precise data of buildings and infrastructure. This data is then processed using sophisticated GIS (Geographic Information System) software to create 3D models and visualisations, which can be used for various applications in building maintenance and plant management, such as facilities management, asset and facility management, plant 3D modeling, GIS for facilities management, and training and safety.

Our 3D mapping services are designed to meet the needs of facility managers, building owners, and plant operators, providing them with valuable insights and tools to make informed decisions. By leveraging the power of 3D GIS technology, we enable professionals to visualise and analyse their vertical assets in a comprehensive and interactive manner.

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Automated. Targeted. Precise.

Wide Range Of
3D Mapping Services

LiDAR Digital Surface Model

LiDAR 3D Mapping Services

Precise Subsurface Mapping Drone Radar

Photogrammetry 3D Mapping Services

Comprehensive 3D Mapping with Laser Scanning

Custom Data Format 3D Mapping Capture

UAV-Based 3D Modeling

3D Mapping For Your Specific Building Survey Needs

By employing our 3D mapping services, organisations can create photo-realistic 3D models of their buildings, providing a more accurate and detailed view of the space configuration. This, in turn, helps increase ROI, reduce costs, and save time in facilities management.

Our 3D mapping services can be used for asset and facility management, plant 3D modeling, GIS for facilities management, and training and safety. By creating accurate 3D models of buildings and infrastructure, these models can be incorporated into asset information models (AIM) for better management and maintenance planning.

Our 3D modeling also enables clash-free, multi-disciplinary design for plant visualizations and walkthroughs, allowing for better understanding and management of complex assets. Real-time asset management can be achieved using 3D GIS mapping, which helps in gaining real-time awareness of asset locations and conditions, speeding up data sharing and improving communication for quick issue resolution.

Furthermore, 3D indoor mapping can be used to train employees, allowing them to familiarize themselves with production and equipment before stepping into the facility, reducing risks and interruptions to operations.

Building 3D Mapping UK

Making Important Decisions with Confidence

Custom Outputs Per
3D Mapping Service Projects

LiDAR Digital Terrain Model example

Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)

LiDAR Point Cloud Output

Point Cloud Data

stockpile volumes

Volume Calculations

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3D Terrain Mapping

Revolutionising 3D Mapping with Drone Photogrammetry

At Drone Survey Services, we provide cutting-edge 3D mapping solutions by harnessing the power of drone technology and advanced photogrammetry techniques.

Our services enable the creation of highly accurate 3D maps, drawings, and models of real-world objects or land masses, which can be utilised across a wide range of industries, including surveying, agriculture, and emergency response.

Our drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and advanced sensors, allowing us to capture detailed aerial imagery and generate precise 3D models with an accuracy of under 1cm. By combining these images with sophisticated photogrammetry software, we can create detailed, georeferenced 3D maps that provide valuable insights for our clients.

These 3D maps can be used for tasks such as terrain analysis, volumetric calculations, and infrastructure planning, making our services an invaluable asset for businesses and organisations seeking to optimize their operations and make informed decisions.

3D Geospatial Data Capture

Enhancing GIS Data Accuracy with 3D Mapping

Our innovative 3D mapping service provides an addition of a third dimension to the standard Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, thereby enhancing precision and rich details of spatial data. This three-dimensional structure significantly improves visualization, permitting a more intuitive understanding of intricate information and interrelationships among different objects in the map.

With the increased dimension, our service allows for a much broader range of analyses, including comprehensive terrain and surface examination. This gives a detailed perspective on topographic features such as elevation and slope, providing more accurate measurements than with conventional 2D mapping.

Our service facilitates creating realistic 3D models of objects found in the real world, by incorporating different types of 3D data such as LiDAR, BIM, UAV, textured meshes, and even indoor mapping. These capabilities find invaluable application across a multitude of professional sectors, including urban planning, environmental analysis, and emergency services.

Laser Scanning Survey Process

Partnering for Progress

Tailored Solutions with Drone Survey Services

We’re not just a drone survey provider, we’re your dedicated partner. Let’s collaborate to create tailored solutions best drones that perfectly meet your unique needs.

Superior Aerial Data Capabilities

Special Permissions: We operate within restricted access zones, unlike competitors.
Higher Heights: Our drones fly higher for unique aerial image data and capture stunning aerial footage.
Greater Reach: We reach farther, inspecting locations competitors can’t.
Compliant Operations: Despite expanded operations, we maintain regulatory compliance.
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3D Mapping and Modeling Services UK

Drone Based 3D Mapping Service Using Heavy Lift Drones

Our drone-based 3D mapping service utilizes cutting-edge unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with high-resolution cameras and advanced sensors to capture precise images and data. This information is then processed to create detailed maps and 3D models tailored to your specific needs.

The key benefits of our drone-based 3D mapping service include high-resolution imagery, large area coverage, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. Our heavy-lift drones are capable of carrying high-end cameras, ensuring the capture of detailed and accurate images for mapping purposes. Additionally, drones can cover vast landscapes or complex structures quickly and efficiently, making them perfect for mapping large areas.

Compared to traditional methods, our drone-based service is more cost-effective, saving you both time and resources. Lastly, the versatility of our heavy-lift drones allows us to cater to a wide range of industries and applications, providing you with a comprehensive and adaptable mapping solution.

Drone-based Topographic Mapping

Using Nira To Present 3D Mapping Models

Nira is our go-to for showcasing our 3D mapping captures. This collaborative platform renders massive 3D assets in real-time, allowing interactive inspection and review on any device.

Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, or more, Nira’s flexibility suits industries like construction, engineering, entertainment, and beyond, offering secure asset organization and sharing.

Navigating various 3D file formats is a breeze with Nira, streamlining viewing, reviewing, and conversion. Its built-in mesh and animation inspection tools catch production issues early, while custom shaders ensure our models align perfectly with our aesthetic.

Clients applaud Nira’s fidelity, capturing every detail and transforming business operations. Just like Vectrino, a civil engineering leader, uses Nira to unveil undersea photogrammetric models, inviting clients to explore surveyed structures meticulously. Nira amplifies our 3D mapping captures, making them engaging and understandable like never before.

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