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Explaining the Benefits of Aerial Drones Inspections In 2021

Aerial drone inspections are quickly becoming the smart, safe and efficient solution to many of the problems associated with large scale industrial inspections. The uses for drones are as diverse as the different industries that incorporate them into their businesses. Drones are used for more than stunning wedding photography.

In this article, we are going to focus on those looking to use a drone for aerial inspection needs.

What Is An Aerial Drone Inspection?

An aerial drone inspection is a non-intrusive way to inspect areas from a safe distance. The results from aerial drone inspections are comparable to hands-on inspections but without safety concerns, liability issues and at a reduced cost. Aerial drone inspections can be performed in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.

While some drone companies are focused on taking photos or videos of cool landscape views, We use our aerial drones to perform aerial inspections on commercial and residential structures or land.

Industry Benefits Of Using Aerial Drone Inspections 

There are many different ways aerial drones can make the inspection process more efficient. Aerial drones can be controlled with precision using GPS, and they can provide a live video feed of the area they are inspecting. Additionally, aerial drones use thermal imaging cameras to detect heat patterns that might indicate problems, which saves time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Aerial drone mapping angus
Drones can follow preset GPS grids and mapping areas in minutes



Many of our customers use our drones for inspections of hard-to-reach structures, structures that may be difficult to climb, or just structures that are so large that the cost of physically inspecting them, outweighs the benefits.


Drone technology has removed the need for an in-person team to inspect and survey elevated sites. With the risk of injury practically eliminated, drones are safer than relying on humans to do the work. This is extremely important in one of the most dangerous industries, construction.



Time is money, and without efficient methods of inspection, you could be losing time with every physical inspection you perform. By using drones, you can reduce or eliminate wasted time with in-person inspections. By using our high-end drones you can reach inaccessible areas fast, allowing for faster inspections than traditional in-person inspections. We’re talking about taking what used to be an all-day process and cutting it down to just a few hours or minutes per job!


What Can You Inspect With A Drone?

Aerial drone Inspection dundee
Industrial drone inspection of gas works in Dundee, Scotland.


There are so many ways drones are being implemented in the industrial sector, it’s hard to believe. Drones are being utilized for various inspections, surveys, monitoring, and other work. Industries are beginning to see the benefits of using drones for their everyday operations. For example, the construction industry is already being transformed by the use of drones.



By using drone inspections, contractors can more easily keep tabs on their projects while they’re still under development, identify issues before they become problems and get to the root cause of problems quickly. This makes it easier for companies to get projects done on time and within budget.

Drones are usually used to monitor various construction sites at various stages during the construction phase. This helps in identifying issues early on thereby avoiding delays due to last-minute inspection or fixing which otherwise may create delays for completing construction projects on time.


Fire Service

Fire services have continued to incorporate drones as an essential tool to safely and effectively manage emergency situations. The use of drones has expanded to include other public safety agencies, such as police and search and rescue teams.

Drone use in public safety can be categorized into three areas:

1. Drone Use for Incident Management – Fire, police and search and rescue personnel have used drone technology to assess traffic accidents, chemical spills and chemical leaks. This allows them to conduct a rapid assessment of a situation before sending personnel into a potentially dangerous environment.

2. Search-and-Rescue Operations – Search-and-rescue operations have been enhanced by the use of drones. Drones offer a cost-effective method for locating missing persons who are lost or trapped due to natural disasters or other emergency situations. Drones can be flown over difficult terrain where people may not be able to access on foot or in vehicles.

3. Tactical Support – Firefighters are using drones during firefighting operations to observe hotspots that may not be accessible by firefighters due to structural collapse, heavy smoke conditions or other hazards that would prohibit a firefighter from entering.



Agricultural drone inspection

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in the world. Farmers are now realising that drone technology is a way of increasing their yield and profits. The most important reason for using drones in agriculture, however, is the mitigation of yield losses arising from disease, weeds and pests. Drones enable farmers to identify and monitor these problems at an early stage.

Drones allow them to monitor crops accurately and more cheaply than traditional methods, for example, Farmers can also use them to produce 3D maps of their fields providing them details of:

Field Balancing (precision farming): Drone data can be used to make decisions about where to plant seeds or how much fertilizer to apply. This reduces the amount of time spent on fieldwork by up to 30%.

Disease Monitoring: Drones can monitor crops for diseases such as potato blight, which could significantly increase yields.

Drought-Related Maintenance: Farmers can monitor drought-related crop damage more effectively than with satellite technology.

Drones are best suited to monitoring flat landscapes, so they are not yet used for forestry applications.


One of the most important applications of drones is in insurance. Today, if your house is struck by lightning or floods, you have to take a lot of photographs and a video of the damage and send them to your insurer. But this isn’t easy: the photos and videos have to be clear, open enough to give a sense of the scale of the destruction and taken from angles that show the kind of damage is described. A drone can do all that more easily, faster and with less cost than a human.

How Much Does A Drone Inspection Cost?

I have often been asked how much a drone inspection costs. It’s a great question but it’s not as simple as it seems. There are many different factors to consider when calculating the cost of a drone inspection. The most important factor is what is being inspected, and how much area is being covered. We provide custom-tailored quotes for all of our services, get in touch today by filling out our contact form or phone us on 07368537499. Our team will be happy to help you with a custom quote for any drone inspection. We cover the North-East of Scotland, Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow Areas too.

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