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Best Cheap Drones 2023

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I’ve had the pleasure of flying all sorts of drones over the years. Recently, I’ve been focused on testing out some of the best cheap drones and budget drones on the market in 2023.

As both a professional and hobbyist flyer, I look for drones that are not only affordable and cheapest but fun to fly and capable of capturing great aerial footage and photos.

Over the past week, I’ve been busy zipping around some of the best budget-friendly drones and cheap drones with cameras with my kids.

dji drone with cheap savings off

In this guide, I’ll be rounding up the top cheap drones I’ve tested based on criteria like ease of use, flight time, camera quality, range, and overall value.

I’ll cover some of the best cheap drones with cameras. I’m excited to share the drones that provided the most fun and functionality per dollar so you can start enjoying the view from above without spending a lot of cash on drones.

The drones that made my best cheap drones 2023 list are perfect for new flyers of all ages who want to experience the thrill of piloting their own drone without worrying too much about crashing and repairs.

Even as an experienced pilot, I had a blast putting these budget drones and cheap drones with cameras through their paces, testing their flying time, taking them out on windy days to test stability, and pushing their range limits.

So whether you’re a beginner looking for your first drone, or an expert pilot on a budget, I think you’ll find one of the top affordable drones and cheap drones with cameras on my 2023 list to be a great fit.

man flying his best indoor drone in his home

BEZGAR BD101 Drone | Best Cheap Drone 2023

Top Pick
best cheap drone 2023

DJI Air 3: The Long Range FPV Drone That Pushes Limits

Go the distance with pro-level range

  • Outstanding value at an incredibly affordable price point
  • Smooth, stable flight performance suitable for beginners
  • Onboard 1080p camera to capture aerial photos and video
  • Thoughtful design with accessories like extra batteries included
  • Easy to fly right out of the box with altitude hold and headless mode

The Bezgar BD101 drone packs tremendous value as a budget-friendly beginner drone. Despite the incredibly low price point, it delivers an impressive combination of performance, durability, and features for a cheap quadcopter.

Right out of the box, the thoughtful design and included accessories like extra batteries and blades reflect quality beyond typical inexpensive drones. In flight, it handles smoothly thanks to altitude hold and responsive controls suitable for new pilots learning the ropes.

The onboard 1080p camera captures decent aerial footage for social sharing, with handy adjustment angles. Connecting via app opens advanced functions like mapping and sensor-based control augmenting the easy-to-use remote.

While it lacks the speed and camera quality of professional drones, the BD101 meets the needs of hobbyists and casual flyers through its surprising stability and maneuverability as a cheap beginner drone. Sturdy construction withstands minor crashes during beginner flights.

For novice pilots, kids, or anyone seeking an affordable introduction to drones, the BD101 stands out as an unbeatable value. It packs far more flying enjoyment and functionality than expected from such an inexpensive toy drone.

I was thoroughly impressed by the thoughtful design choices that make the BD101 feel like a more premium drone rather than a cheap toy. The foldable body and sleek aesthetics resemble higher-end consumer quadcopters.

The included accessories also add value, allowing you to start flying this budget drone with multiple batteries and extra replacement components out of the box. It’s clear the company put care into the overall package.

Speaking of flying, the performance is remarkably smooth and responsive for a cheap beginner drone at this price. The altitude hold in particular gives stable, confident flight that makes piloting easy for beginners still learning the controls.

While the 1080p camera doesn’t produce professional cinematic footage, it enables you to capture unique aerial perspectives and memories.

My kids loved being able to safely pilot the affordable drone and take pictures of our neighborhood. shared instantly to social media.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. This drone isn’t going to compete with high-end $1,000+ models aimed at professionals and enterprises. But it delightfully exceeds expectations of what an inexpensive beginner quadcopter can do.

If you’ve been hesitant to get into drones, fearing a cheap starter won’t be worthwhile, put those doubts aside. The BD101 delivers impossibly good value for the incredibly low price. It may just make a drone enthusiast out of you yet!


  • Long transmission range up to 20km stated by manufacturer
  • O4 HD video transmission enables stable signal at long distances
  • 46 minutes of maximum flight time per battery
  • Dual cameras (wide angle and 3x zoom) capture dynamic aerial photos/video
  • Obstacle avoidance sensors for safer long-range flights
  • Foldable, compact size for easy portability and storage
  • Strong performance for price – better value than DJI Air 2S


  • Minor lag/dropouts with O4 transmission
  • Higher price point than more budget-friendly models
  • Not capable of true legal BVLOS flight without waiver
  • Lower wind resistance than some larger drones
  • Advanced features require learning curve for new users

TOMZON A24 Battle Drone | 2-Pack Of Drones

Top Pick
A24 Battle Drone out of the

TOMZON A24 Mini Drone 2-Pack

Cheap Indoor Drones for Battling

The TOMZON A24 2-pack offers one of the best cheap drone options for drone flying fun. At a budget-friendly price, you get not just one but two mini drones for battling head-to-head right out of the box.

The TOMZON A24 2-pack is one of the best cheap drone options for flying fun without breaking the bank. At an incredibly budget-friendly price point, you get not just one but two mini drones for battling and flying games right out of the box.

Despite the incredibly affordable cost, the A24 impresses with its durable yet lightweight build quality. The protective blade guards help make these resilient beginner drones that can withstand crashes when learning to fly.

I found the controls very intuitive and beginner-friendly, with ergonomic buttons on the remote for flips, spins, emergency stop, and the unique battle mode.

After charging the modular batteries, I took the A24 drones for test flights around my house. The one-touch buttons make smooth takeoff and landing a breeze even for a beginner pilot.

The altitude hold keeps the affordable drones steadily hovering, which is useful for framing shots or steering in tight spaces. Even at higher speeds, the A24s feel fast yet controllable thanks to the 6-axis gyro technology.

One of my favorite features is the inter-drone battle mode – you can “shoot” IR beams from one budget A24 drone to force the other cheap drones to automatically land.

The 2-drone set means you can start battling and flying games as soon as you open the box! My kids loved trying to shoot each other’s cheap drones down with the IR beams, adding a whole new level of fun.

With around 8 minutes of flight per charge, the battery life is decent for these cheap toy drones. Plus, you get 3 batteries total, so you can easily hot-swap them for up to 25 minutes of fly time.

For an incredibly budget-friendly cost, the TOMZON A24 2-pack offers a super fun way to get started with cheap drones. The battle mode is a blast, and getting two mini drones in the box means double the flying and battling action. If you’re looking for one of the best cheap drone sets for fun, the A24 comes highly recommended as a top budget-friendly pick.


  • Comes in a 2-pack for head-to-head battling
  • Durable and can withstand crashes
  • Easy to fly and control, even for beginners
  • Altitude hold provides stable hovering
  • Battle mode is unique and fun
  • Removable modular batteries are easy to swap out
  • Provides 3 batteries for 25 minutes of fly time
  • Affordable price point


  • Battery life could be longer (8 mins per battery)
  • Only comes with 1 micro USB charging cable
  • The charging cable is required, normal USB won’t work
  • Lacks a camera

Cheerwing U61S | Indoor Drone With Camera

Cheerwing U61S

Fun Budget Indoor Drone for Beginners

Budget-Friendly Beginner Drone

  • Affordable starter indoor drone
  • Easy to fly and control, even for beginners
  • 720p camera for aerial photos/videos
  • Altitude hold and multiple speed modes
  • Comes with 2 batteries for 14 mins of flight time

The Cheerwing U81S offers one of the cheapest drones available, providing an incredibly affordable way to start learning how to fly. Despite the incredibly budget-friendly price point, it still includes useful features like altitude hold, an HD camera, and multiple speed modes.

After unboxing this cheap drone, I was eager to take it out for a test flight. Its ultra compact size makes it one of the most portable cheap drones, easy to toss in a bag and fly anywhere.

The built-in 720p camera provides good quality aerial photos and videos, especially impressive for such an affordable budget drone with camera.

I had no issues connecting my phone to the WiFi FPV transmission when operating this cheap drone. The live video feed made framing shots simple.

Getting the U81S off the ground is straightforward with the one-touch takeoff and landing button. The altitude hold works well to keep it hovering steadily in place.

I tried out the different speed modes and found even the highest setting offers smooth control and stability, great for beginners learning to fly an inexpensive drone.

Some of the more advanced features like follow me mode and gesture photo/video controls took some practice but were fun to try out. The 3D flips can be performed at the tap of a button to capture cool aerial shots with this budget drone.

The battery life is around 7 minutes per battery which is common for mini toy drones. But the included two modular batteries allow you to quickly hot swap them for 14 minutes of total flight time. I got low battery alarms on the remote before running out of juice.

Despite a few crashes during testing, the U81S held up well thanks to the propeller guards. It seems like a fairly durable cheap beginner drone.

For the incredibly affordable price, the U81S packs in a good range of features making it one of the best budget quadcopter drones. It’s easy to fly even for beginners and kids. The HD camera and FPV transmission allow you to capture aerial shots. Overall, I was satisfied with the U81S as a starter budget-friendly drone for recreational use. Some drawbacks are shorter flight times and limited FPV range, but the incredibly low cost makes up for it.


  • Affordable price point
  • Compact and lightweight design for indoor flying
  • 720p camera takes decent photos/videos
  • One-touch takeoff and landing
  • Altitude hold keeps it hovering steadily
  • Multiple speed modes for different skill levels
  • Gesture controls and voice commands
  • 3D flips and maneuvers are fun
  • Comes with 2 batteries for extended flight time


  • Short 7 minute battery life per battery
  • WiFi FPV range could be better
  • Frame rates can be low on FPV video
  • Lacks sensors and obstacle avoidance
  • Not suitable for outdoor flying
  • No dedicated charger, charges via USB
  • Can struggle flying in windy conditions

HOLYFUN | Affordable Fighter Jet Drone

Holyfun F100 Mini Drone

Indoor Fighter Jet Drone

A Fun and Stylish Cheap Drone

  • Unique and stylish fighter jet design
  • Smooth, stable flight performance indoors
  • Altitude hold keeps it hovering steadily
  • Easy stunts like flips and rolls
  • Includes 3 batteries for 18 mins of fly time

Taking the Holyfun F100 out of the box, I was immediately impressed by its unique fighter jet style design – it looks really cool for an inexpensive mini drone!

Despite the ultra compact size, it felt sturdy and well-built. This cheap beginner drone definitely doesn’t feel like a flimsy toy.

The simple one-key takeoff and landing made getting this budget-friendly drone airborne a breeze.

I was able to make the F100 hover steadily thanks to the useful altitude hold function. This comes in handy when learning to pilot a drone on a budget.

The controls were smooth and responsive when flying this affordable drone around outdoors. It can pick up some decent speed but remains easy to maneuver thanks to the 6-axis gyro technology.

Doing 360 degree flips and rolls with the dedicated button was a blast with this cheap stunt drone! The headless mode also came in handy as a beginner pilot.

I tried out the 3 different speed modes, which allow you to adjust based on your flying skill level or environment when operating this budget drone.

The LED lights allow you to keep tracking it even when flying at night or far away. Visibility is crucial for controlling a cheap beginner drone.

Battery life was better than expected, with each 380mAh lasting around 6 minutes which is great for mini drones. Having 3 total batteries included gives you 18 minutes of fly time before needing to recharge.

I got plenty of time to enjoy flying this fun budget-friendly drone thanks to the extra batteries. The modular design makes them easy to swap out.

Overall, the Holyfun F100 lived up to its promise of being an easy and fun cheap drone for beginners. The cool jet design, smooth flying performance, and multiple batteries make this an awesome affordable starter drone. I’d highly recommend it if you want a cheap beginner drone that’s both stylish and a joy to pilot.


  • Unique and cool fighter jet styling
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Simple one-key takeoff/landing
  • Altitude hold for stable hovering
  • Smooth and responsive controls
  • LED lights for night flying
  • 3 speed modes for different skills
  • Headless mode good for beginners
  • Includes 3 batteries for long fly time
  • Fun tricks like flips and rolls


  • Lacks a camera
  • Batteries can be tricky to remove
  • Short 6 minute flight time per battery
  • No advanced autopilot features
  • WiFi FPV would be nice
  • Not suitable for outdoor flying
  • No sensors for obstacle avoidance
  • Remote control feels a bit cheap

Magic Flying Orb | Gesture Controlled Drone

Magic Flying Orb Mini Drone

Magic Flying Orb Drone 1

Intuitive and Portable Cheap Drone

  • Intuitive hand control flying method is easy to learn
  • Lightweight, portable orb design can be taken anywhere
  • Durable construction withstands crashes
  • Simple to operate right out of the box
  • Provides carefree flying fun for both kids and adults

Right out of the box I was fascinated by the unique orb design of the Magic Flying Orb. As an ultra compact budget-friendly drone, it has concealed propellers making it a safe choice. Charging it was simple with the included USB cable.

Getting this inexpensive drone airborne takes an upward hand motion rather than a traditional remote – very intuitive! It took a few tries to smoothly launch but once up, the Magic Orb hovered steadily thanks to the altitude hold.

I could guide this cheap flyer left, right, up or down based on hand gestures – no remote needed with this innovative budget quadcopter! The durable orb shape protects it from crashes into walls or furniture.

One fun trick is quickly flipping your palm to make the affordable drone rapidly ascend. My kids loved playing catch with it after launching the mini drone.

Flight time is about 8-10 minutes per charge, typical for these small toy drones. The LEDs blink when the battery is low signaling it’s time to land the cheap beginner drone.

I do wish the on/off switch was easier to access for quick emergency shutoff if needed when flying this budget-friendly UAV.

One neat thing about the Magic Orb as a mini drone is how insanely portable it is. The entire cheap drone can fit in your palm and weighs next to nothing. I could toss it in a bag and take it anywhere for impromptu flying sessions.

While it doesn’t have the advanced features of pricier drones, the Magic Orb delivers on its goal of providing a simple way to experience flight. The intuitive hand control method offers a more engaging experience than using a traditional remote.

Both kids and adults found this inexpensive flyer easy to pick up yet challenging as we kept it airborne and aimed through obstacles. For an affordable introduction to drones focused on fun, the hand-controlled Magic Flying Orb is hard to beat.


  • Unique hand control flying method is intuitive and easy to pick up
  • Lightweight, compact orb design great for portability
  • Propellers concealed for added safety when flying indoors
  • Sturdy construction withstands crashes
  • Fun for both kids and adults
  • Simple operation right out of the box
  • Affordable price point


  • Short 8-10 minute flight time per charge
  • No advanced features like camera, gestures, tricks
  • Difficult to access small on/off switch
  • Hand control method has learning curve
  • Lack of remote control limits capabilities
  • Not suitable for outdoor flight
  • No propeller guards or sensors

Pterosaur Dinosaur Drone | Unique Dinosaur Design

Pterosaur Dinosaur Drone


Dinosaur-themed drone provides smooth indoor flying

  • Unique dinosaur pterodactyl design stands out
  • Smooth, stable flight performance indoors
  • Durable construction withstands crashes
  • Intuitive controls simple enough for kids
  • Modular battery provides good flight time

As soon as I unboxed the Pterosaur drone, I knew its unique dinosaur shape would be a hit, especially with kids.

The pterodactyl design really makes it stand out from other inexpensive drones. After charging up via the included USB cable, I was ready to take this prehistoric budget flyer outdoors.

Getting airborne was simple using the one button takeoff feature. The altitude hold function kicked in nicely to keep the Pterosaur hovering steadily.

Transitioning between the 3 speed modes provided a good range for learning to maneuver in open areas up to more adventurous flying. The headless mode came in handy as a beginner, making directing this cheap drone intuitive.

I was impressed by how smoothly the Pterosaur handled thanks to its 6-axis gyro system. The controls were very responsive, allowing me to navigate around trees and obstacles with ease even as a beginner drone pilot.

The modular battery delivered a solid 10 minutes of fly time before needing a recharge which is great for a mini drone.

Durability is excellent – this fun cheap drone shrugged off some minor crashes without any issue. The flexible blades help ensure it can withstand some beginner mishaps.

For the very affordable price, the Pterosaur dinosaur drone packs in some great features for a budget-friendly drone. The intuitive controls and fun design make it perfect for beginners. Advanced fliers may want more trick capabilities and a built-in camera. But for basic flying fun, it’s hard to beat this prehistoric cheap flyer.

Overall, I’d highly recommend the Pterosaur as a unique inexpensive drone, especially for kids interested in dinosaurs. The smooth performance, durable build, and cool dino styling provide an engaging flying experience that makes learning the controls enjoyable and rewarding.


  • Unique pterodactyl drone design
  • Smooth, stable indoor flight performance
  • Altitude hold enables steady hovering
  • Responsive controls and 3 speed modes
  • Headless mode good for beginners
  • Modular battery provides up to 10 mins of flight
  • Withstands crashes well due to durable construction
  • Easy for kids to fly and control
  • Very affordable price point


  • Short 10 minute maximum flight time
  • No advanced features like camera or tricks
  • Plastic material feels a bit cheap
  • Not suitable for outdoor flight
  • Remote control design is very basic
  • Can’t customize or program flight patterns

Indoor Swoop Drone | Low Budget Compact Drone

Swoop Mini Drone

tiny indoor toy drones 1

An Exciting and Affordable Drone

  • Smooth flight and easy maneuvering indoors
  • Fun features like flips, headless mode, speed settings
  • Long 30 min flight time with 3 batteries
  • Durable and protective propeller guards
  • Extremely affordable

Despite its small size, this budget-friendly drone packs a punch when it comes to performance. I took it for a test drive outdoors to see how this cheap drone would handle open areas and obstacles. The drone responded quickly and smoothly to commands from the controller.

I was able to easily maneuver it around trees and fences thanks to its ultra compact size. Even at high speeds, it remained stable and under control thanks to the 6-axis gyro technology.

One of my favorite things about this inexpensive drone is how fun it is to fly. The 360 degree flips and rolls it can do midair add an exciting element. It almost feels like an airshow!

I also love the headless mode which makes controlling the direction of this affordable drone much simpler for beginner pilots. With just a push of a button, you can switch into headless mode and focus on steering rather than having to constantly re-orient yourself to which way the cheap drone is facing.

In terms of performance, the altitude hold function allows this budget-friendly UAV to hover steadily in place which is great when passing controls or framing shots.

The one key takeoff and landing also helps smooth out the flying experience.

The fact that this cheap drone comes with 3 modular batteries that can be easily swapped out is a huge plus. With 3 flight times of about 10 minutes each, you can enjoy up to 30 minutes of fly time before needing to recharge.

Having multiple batteries really extends the excitement without ending the flight prematurely.

In terms of durability, the foldable design and propeller guards make this inexpensive drone a great choice for beginners. I’ve bumped it into things a few times and it has kept on going. The soft guards help protect the propellers and make it safe to fly around kids or pets.

Overall, this foldable mini drone absolutely delivers when it comes to performance and fun with its smooth handling and exciting tricks. The features cater to both newbies and more advanced pilots. With 3 swappable batteries, you can really maximize flight time with this budget-friendly drone. Despite its small size, it packs a punch thanks to great maneuverability and speed control. I would highly recommend this as an affordable starter drone option.


  • Compact and portable design perfect for indoor spaces
  • Easy to control with intuitive controls
  • Three speed settings for different skill levels
  • Headless mode simplifies directional navigation
  • Fun tricks like flips and rolls
  • Long battery life from 3 modular batteries
  • Durable propeller guards for added safety
  • Affordable price point


  • Short 10 minute flight time per battery
  • No camera for filming footage
  • Smaller size means more susceptible to wind outdoors
  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case
  • Recharging multiple batteries can be time consuming
  • Not suitable for outdoor use or in windy conditions

2 In 1 Drone & RC Car | Transforming Cheap Drone

LANSAND 2-in-1 Mini Drones

LANSAND 2Pack Mini Drones

Fun Transforming Drones for Flying and Driving

  • 2-in-1 drones can fly and drive on ground
  • Fun racing car styling stands out
  • Altitude hold enables stable hovering
  • Performs flips, spins, and other tricks
  • Modular batteries provide long fly time

I was excited to try out the innovative 2-in-1 functionality of the LANSAND mini drones, which can operate as drones or ground vehicles.

As budget-friendly drones, their unique racing car shape definitely makes them stand out. After charging the modular batteries via USB, I took the pair outdoors for test drives.

Getting airborne only took a press of a button thanks to the one-key takeoff. Once aloft, the altitude hold kept the cheap drones steadily hovering.

Transitioning them into land mode transformed the drones into speedy remote control cars zipping across the ground. The three speed modes provided good control from easy, stable flying to faster maneuvers with these inexpensive drones.

Activating the 3D flips allowed the budget mini drones to perform exciting midair stunts with the press of a button. Their lightweight durability held up well to minor crashes during my initial flight trials with these starter drones.

The LED lights aren’t just for show – they make orienting the affordable drones easy even at high speeds in car mode. My kids loved racing the cheap drone pair around obstacles we set up as a course.

The 2.4GHz remote easily handles controlling both mini toy drones simultaneously. With 4 batteries included, each providing about 8 minutes of use, I could fly for a good stretch before recharging the drones.

The modular batteries make swapping them a breeze when flying these cheap toy drones. However, I do wish the body was designed for easier access to the power button.

Overall, the transformable LANSAND drones add a whole new dimension of fun to mini drones with their integrated flying and driving modes. Their versatility allows you to enjoy double the playtime with these budget-friendly drone. Once I got the hang of the controls, they performed smoothly thanks to the assistive tech onboard. Definitely a creative new take on cheap starter drones.


  • Unique 2-in-1 drone transforms into RC car
  • Racing car styling sets it apart
  • Smooth, stable flight performance
  • Altitude hold, headless mode good for beginners
  • Responsive controls and 3 speed modes
  • Does flips, rolls, and other fun tricks
  • Bright LED lights aid orientation
  • Comes with 4 batteries for long fly time
  • Can control 2 drones simultaneously


  • Accessing the power switch is tricky
  • Still lightweight and lacks outdoor durability
  • Short 8 minute flight time per battery
  • Camera quality and range are basic
  • No advanced automated flight features
  • Can’t customize controls or programs
  • Lacks propeller guards for added safety
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Buying Considerations for Cheap Drones

When looking to purchase an inexpensive drone, there are a few key factors to consider before making your choice:

Camera Quality

Most budget drones will not come equipped with high-end cameras. However, you can still compare the camera specs between cheap drone options. Check the resolution – 720p and 1080p HD are common even on inexpensive drones. Higher resolution will allow for clearer aerial photos and videos with your cheap photography drone. Also look at camera stability – drones with 2-axis mechanical gimbals offer better image stabilization over digital stabilization.


The range indicates the maximum distance you can fly your budget-friendly drone before losing connection with the remote controller. For recreational areas like parks, you’ll want a range of at least 100 meters. This gives you room to maneuver while keeping the cheap beginner drone within line of sight. Longer range options up to 500m+ allow you to fly farther but aren’t necessary for beginners.

Battery Life

Flight time per battery charge is an important buying factor for cheap drones, as you want to maximize your flying time without having to land and swap batteries constantly. Cheap toy drones will average 10-15 minutes of flight time per battery. The battery mAh rating gives an indication of capacity. Opting for extra batteries can extend your flight sessions with these inexpensive UAVs. Quick-swap modular batteries allow you to exchange them easily.


You can’t expect premium ruggedness from most cheap toy drones, but look for basic durability features. Protected propeller guards will prevent damage from minor crashes and bumps, which are inevitable for beginners learning to fly. Modular components like detachable cameras, rotors, and batteries will make repairs easier if you do have a major crash with your budget drone. Replaceable parts are cheaper than replacing the whole quadcopter.


Even affordable drones should come with basic features to make flying easier, safer, and more fun. Altitude hold enables steady, hands-free hovering, useful for beginners learning controls. Headless mode orients the cheap drone based on controller direction rather than the drone’s nose direction, also helpful for new pilots. Different speed modes allow you to start slower and work your way up. Other nice bonuses include gesture controls, voice commands, follow-me modes, and tricks like flips or air stunts.


The controller or remote determines how you interface with your cheap quadcopter drone. Inexpensive drones may use basic RC controllers or smartphone apps for control rather than advanced units with LCD screens. Make sure the controls are ergonomic and smooth to master directional movements, altitude adjustments, video transmission, and activating features or modes. Responsiveness is key, as laggy controls make drones difficult to fly, especially for beginners.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you select a budget-friendly drone that fits both your budget and flying needs as a novice pilot. Don’t forget to check your country’s UAV regulations too!

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Headless Mode On Cheap Drones Explained

Headless mode is a beginner-friendly feature that makes controlling a drone much easier, especially for new pilots learning the ropes.

It gets its name from the way it allows you to steer the drone based on stick movements, without having to consider the actual orientation or “head” direction of the drone.

With headless mode enabled, pushing the control stick up will always make the cheap drone go away from you, regardless of which way the nose is pointed.

Same for down, left, and right.

This helps prevent disorientation when the drone gets farther away and you can’t clearly tell which way it’s facing. Rather than having to reposition it back towards yourself, headless mode lets you just focus on the sticks to fly in the direction you want.

Many of the best cheap drones in 2023 include headless mode specifically for beginner pilots who are learning. Controlling a drone takes practice even without having to factor in constantly changing orientations as it moves.

Headless mode simplifies the controls so beginners can better learn the stick movements needed for maneuvering around obstacles and capturing smooth video footage.

As their skills improve, they can switch headless mode off and transition towards flying in a direction relative to the drone’s front.

But it provides a valuable learning aid at first, which is why it’s almost expected on the best cheap starter drones today.

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Beginner Tips for Flying Cheap Drones

If you’re new to operating drones, here are some useful beginner tips to help you get started safely with an inexpensive model:

  • Start by practicing indoors in a large, open room free from obstacles. Work on mastering takeoffs, landings, and basic controls at slow speeds before moving outdoors.
  • When first flying your cheap drone outside, pick open areas away from crowds, trees, and low-hanging obstacles. Keep the drone in your line of sight at all times.
  • Start off using beginner-friendly features like altitude hold and headless mode to get a feel for how the drone handles. Don’t attempt flips, high speeds, or long distances until you’re comfortable with the basics.
  • Keep your first few flights low to the ground, under 30 feet. Gradually increase altitude and speed over time as you gain confidence maneuvering the cheap quadcopter.
  • Refer to local ordinances regarding any drone regulations like maximum altitudes and distances. Use common sense and courtesy when flying near people or animals.

The key is taking it slow at first while you learn how your specific cheap drone handles and responds to controls. Don’t expect expert maneuvers right away. With open space practice, you’ll be able to gradually push the limits of height, speed, distance and flight time. Patience and small steps will pay off with experience!

Best Cheap Drones In 2023

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