Best Drones For Under 300 USA

Best Drones For Under $300

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Hey drone fanatics!

As a seasoned drone flier on a budget, I know the struggle of finding an amazing quadcopter that doesn’t destroy your wallet. But don’t stress, there are still loads of killer drone options for under $300 in 2023 if you know where to look.

I actually first dove into this hobby with a $300 drone myself and flew my way up to eventually starting the nations biggest drone service.

In this article, I’ll share my top recommendations for the best drones under $300 based on my years of piloting know-how.

I’ll suggest the top mini drone under $300 for convenience and ease of use. For decent aerial videography, I’ll recommend the best camera drone under $300 to capture solid footage without spending a ton.

drone chasing a woman

And for beginners, I’ll overview drones under $300 that are easy to learn on.

Whether you’re looking for your first learner drone, a kid-friendly quadcopter, or an ultra-budget drone for tricks, I’ve got you covered.

I’ll break down key features to consider, highlight the pros and cons of each pick, and help you score an awesome drone on a strict budget.

Follow along and you’ll see there are still excellent drones available for under $300 in 2023. I can’t wait to share my knowledge and help launch your drone flying passion without destroying your wallet!

Potensic ATOM SE – Best Overall Drone Under $300 2023

Top Pick
best overall drone over 300

Potensic ATOM SE

Best Overall Drone Under $300

  • Ultra-light build, no FAA registration
  • Impressive 4K camera, stabilized photos
  • Up to 62 minutes max flight time
  • GPS enables smart flight modes
  • Easy to fly with Beginner mode

I’m always researching the latest and greatest drones under $300 to find the best value buys. After test flying tons of affordable drones, I can confidently say the Potensic ATOM SE is one of the best drones under 300 bucks in 2023.

Weighing under 250g, this folding drone offers pro features without the hefty price tag.

After unboxing the ATOM SE, I couldn’t wait to fly this lightweight drone with camera. Despite the compact body, it feels very sturdy and stable in the air thanks to the brushless motors.

The easy setup took just minutes before I was soaring skyward and capturing footage with the 4K camera and Sony sensor.

The exclusive ShakeVanish electronic image stabilization gave remarkably smooth video, perfect for my drone projects.

When flying the ATOM SE drone, the Beginner mode made learning a breeze while the 3 flexible flight modes let me up the speed or set intelligent navigation like Follow Me mode.

The precision GPS enabled awesome Return to Home so I never have to lose this best 300 dollar drone. I was seriously impressed by the long flight time too – up to 62 minutes thanks to the two 2500mAh batteries.

Most drones under $300 run out of juice so fast!

For my fellow hobbyists looking for the best drones under 300 bucks, I highly recommend the Potensic ATOM SE for its awesome camera, flight modes, and battery life. The 4K video and 12MP still shots are so crisp and stable.

Top features like obstacle avoidance and GPS navigation mean this drone really punches above its price point. If you want pro-quality aerial footage without spending a fortune, the ATOM SE is the best drone under 300 dollars this year.

Happy flying!


  • Lightweight and foldable, easy to transport
  • Great 4K camera and image stabilization
  • Long 31+ minute flight times per battery
  • Intelligent flight modes with GPS
  • Beginner-friendly controls
  • Under $300 price point


  • Battery life less than more premium drones
  • Camera tilt controls could be smoother
  • No horizon correction in camera
  • Spare parts limited to propellers
  • Some users report issues with video recording
  • No physical gimbal for maximum camera stability

TENSSENX Q8 | Best Camera Drone For Under $300


best camera drone for under 300

Best Camera Drone For Under $300

  • Stunning 4K video and photos
  • 90° adjustable wide-angle lens
  • Smooth 3-axis gimbal stabilization
  • Up to 90 minutes flight time
  • Foldable and ultra portable

As an aerial photography enthusiast, I’m always researching the best drones under 300 dollars to find ones with great cameras at affordable prices.

The new TENSSENX Q8 really impressed me with its professional-grade 4K camera and stabilization gimbal, packing high-end features into an under $300 drone.

After unboxing this lightweight folding drone, I took it up for some test shots of my neighborhood using the adjustable 90° 4K camera.

The ultra HD footage captured stunning detail in every frame, especially considering this drone costs less than 300 bucks.

The 3-axis stabilization gave smooth video that put some pricier drones to shame.

With up to 90 minutes of flight time, I can spend over an hour capturing epic 4K footage with this budget drone’s long-lasting batteries.

The range reaches up to 1000m, giving me creative freedom in composing aerial shots. For drone enthusiasts who prioritize photography, the Q8 is easily one of the best drones under 300 dollars thanks to its cinema-quality UHD camera.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking a high-tech drone under $300, or a seasoned pilot who wants pro-level video without the price tag, the Q8 delivers.

For affordable 4K aerial filming, this drone punches far above its weight class. I’m thrilled to have found such an impressive camera drone for under 300 bucks.

Overall, the Q8 offers great value for recreational users who want good aerial photography and videography on a $300 budget. The excellent 4K footage and built-in gimbal stabilization are impressive for an affordable drone. While lacking some premium features of high-end drones, it excels at capturing smooth, vivid video for casual hobbyists. A top choice for beginners looking to get started with UHD filming fro under $300.


  • Excellent 4K camera and image stabilization
  • Adjustable 90° lens for creative shots
  • Long flight time up to 90 minutes
  • Good range up to 1000m
  • Foldable, portable design
  • Intuitive controls and functions
  • Affordable price under $300


  • Advanced users may want more camera controls
  • No aperture or shutter control
  • Gimbal could be 3-axis for added stabilization
  • Propellers can be flimsy and break easily
  • No bundled carrying case

Ruko F11MINI | Best Complete Drone Kit For Under $300

Ruko F11MINI

best complete drone kit for under 300

Best Complete Drone Kit For Under $300

  • 4K camera captures ultra HD footage
  • 60 minutes flight time total
  • GPS enables smart flight modes
  • Landing pad for safe takeoffs/landings
  • Everything needed to start filming

I scoured the market for the best all-in-one drone kit under $300. After extensive research, the clear winner was the Ruko F11MINI bundle with landing pad – it has everything I need to start capturing pro-quality aerial footage asap!

Right out of the box, the foldable F11MINI drone shocked me with its smooth 4K video streamed flawlessly to my phone. The wide-angle 4K camera swivels 90° for awesome top-down shots.

With the two long-lasting intelligent batteries, I can fly for up to 60 minutes of flight time per session!

What really makes this the ultimate starter bundle is the included 25.5” landing pad. Having a dedicated helipad for safe takeoffs and landings gives me great peace of mind, protecting my investment. The bright orange pad is visible from the air and waterproof.

I love that the F11MINI has GPS and a ton of smart flight modes perfect for beginners, like Follow Me tracking and point of interest circling.

If anything goes wrong, the drone auto-returns home with the tap of a button – huge relief!

For anyone seeking a feature-packed drone kit that gives you everything you need to start aerial filming, I can’t recommend the Ruko F11MINI and landing pad combo highly enough. The intuitive controls, safety features, 4K camera, long battery life, and complete accessories make this the ultimate sub-$300 package.


  • Good 4K camera and image quality
  • Long 60 minute flight time
  • Smart GPS flight modes
  • Landing pad included
  • Easy to fly for beginners
  • Foldable portable design
  • Under $300 complete package


  • Camera tilt is not adjustable
  • No gimbal for max stabilization
  • Propellers can break easily
  • Battery life degrades over time
  • Range could be longer

EMAX Tinyhawk 2  | Best FPV Drone For Under $300

EMAX Tinyhawk 2

best fpv drone for under 300

Best FPV Drone For Under $300

  • Intuitive hand control flying method is easy to learn
  • Lightweight, portable orb design can be taken anywhere
  • Durable construction withstands crashes
  • Simple to operate right out of the box
  • Provides carefree flying fun for both kids and adults

As a drone racing enthusiast hunting for the best FPV quad under 300 bucks, I was blown away by the new EMAX Tinyhawk 2. This affordable little ripper has all the power and responsiveness I look for in a freestyle racer.

Weighing just 35 grams, the Tinyhawk 2 is extremely nimble and agile for FPV maneuvers. It zips around faster than many drones under $300 thanks to its brute force 700kv motors.

The durability of its carbon fiber frame gives me the confidence to perform crazy stunts and flips.

With the built-in 200mw video transmitter, I get super responsive first-person-view footage beamed right to the included goggles.

This level of FPV performance for less than 300 dollars is tough to beat!

While range is limited, the rugged build and 4-6 minute flight times make the Tinyhawk 2 ideal for thrill-seeking new pilots and budget-minded racers alike. For adrenaline-pumping FPV action under $300, this little beast can’t be matched!


  • Very affordable price under $300
  • Durable and lightweight carbon fiber build
  • Powerful 700kv brushless motors
  • Great for freestyle tricks and FPV racing
  • Integrated 200mw video transmitter
  • Included FPV goggles for immersive flight
  • Fun and easy for beginners to fly
  • 4-6 minute flight times


  • Short transmission range
  • Batteries don’t last very long
  • FPV video quality could be better
  • Limited range on controller
  • Tiny size makes it harder to work on
  • Not very wind resistant
  • Can break easily if crashed

Trello Drone | Best DJI Drone For Under $300

Trello Drone

best drone bundle for under 300

Best DJI Drone For Under $300

  • Incorporates DJI flight technology
  • Sturdy and easy to fly
  • Good camera for photos and video
  • Fun pre-programmed flight modes
  • Scratch coding potential for STEM

While not made directly by DJI, it utilizes technology from the famous drone maker for an unbeatable price under $300. After flying it, I can say this little guy punches way above its weight!

The Tello feels incredibly durable and stable for its size thanks to DJI flight tech inside. Despite a few indoor crashes as I learned the controls, it keeps on ticking with no issues.

The range is about 100 feet in open areas – not bad for pure WiFi control to my phone.

While advanced pilots may want more range and features, the Tello has everything I need as a novice.

The battery provides 10-15 minutes of flight time, perfect for practicing maneuvers in my backyard. And the photos and videos are impressively crisp and clear from the onboard camera.

What really makes the Tello stand out is DJI’s software for flight and programming. The app is intuitive and lets me flip between manual and automated flight modes with ease. I also love that you can program the drone using Scratch – a fun way to learn coding!

For beginner drone pilots seeking a top-notch starter model from a leading brand for under $300, it doesn’t get better than the DJI Tello. The durability, flight time, camera quality, and programming options are amazing for the price. This is the perfect gateway into the world of drones.


  • Incorporates DJI technology
  • Very affordable under $300
  • Easy and intuitive to fly
  • Durable, can withstand crashes
  • Decent camera and photo/video quality
  • Automated flight modes
  • Options for coding with Scratch
  • Good starter drone for beginners


  • Short 10-15 minute flight times
  • No FPV or advanced camera controls
  • Battery takes a while to charge
  • Lacks advanced features of higher-end drones
  • Small parts and repairs can be tricky

Contixo F24 Pro | Best Wind Resistance Drone For Under $300

Contixo F24 Pro

Best Wind Resistance Drone For Under 300

Best Wind Resistance Drone For Under $300

  • Handles wind gusts extremely well
  • Stable aerial footage in 15+ mph winds
  • 2500mAh battery for 30+ min flights
  • Optimized aerodynamic folding design
  • Great camera drone under $300

As an avid drone pilot always seeking the best drones under 300 dollars, the Contixo F24 Pro really stood out to me for its ability to handle wind. Compared to other quadcopters under $300, this folding drone holds its ground against gusts incredibly well.

The F24 Pro’s lightweight yet aerodynamic design is optimized to resist buffeting from strong winds. While testing it on blustery 15+ mph days, the footage stayed smooth and stable – no easy feat for most drones in this price range!

The powerful 2500mAh battery enables over 30 minutes of airtime, allowing me to capture steady video even when battling winds during an entire flight. Having a drone under 300 bucks that can handle tricky wind conditions so well has been game changing.

If you want a steady flier for aerial filming on windier days without spending a fortune, the Contixo F24 Pro is easily among the best options under $300. The stability and handling in gusty conditions put it a cut above other cameras drones in this price tier.

Overall, the Contixo F24 Pro stands out in its price range for its ability to withstand wind, thanks to the well-designed frame and brushless motors.

The 4K camera produces nice aerial footage and photos.

While the app software and controls could use polish, it’s a very capable wind-resistant drone under $300 for hobbyists. More advanced features require stepping up in price point. But for basic yet stable filming in windy conditions on a budget, it’s a great option.


  • Excellent wind resistance
  • Stable footage in 15+ mph gusts
  • Good flight time up to 30 minutes
  • Aerodynamic folding design
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Good overall camera quality
  • Under $300 price point


  • Shorter range than more premium drones
  • Battery life decreases over time
  • No adjustable gimbal for camera
  • Propellers may need frequent replacing
  • Lacks advanced intelligent flight modes
  • App and controls could be refined
  • Customer support hit or miss

FANFX ‎EPTZ | Best Drone With Obstacle Avoidance For $300


Best drone with obstacle avoidance drone for under 300

Best Drone With Obstacle Avoidance For $300

  • Impressive obstacle avoidance tech
  • Detects objects in wide 720° radius
  • Stops automatically before collisions
  • LED lights help avoid at night
  • Great safety features under $300

Having obstacle avoidance is a must – and the FANFX EPTZ packs this key safety feature at an unbelievable price under $300! I’ve been thoroughly impressed with how this drone senses and avoids objects in its path.

The EPTZ uses laser and optical sensors to detect obstacles in a wide 720 degree radius, alerting me if anything is getting too close. Whether it’s trees, buildings, or people, this drone will automatically stop or maneuver around to prevent collisions. Even at night, the LED lights help it identify and avoid objects.

Having active obstacle avoidance gives me much more confidence to fly the EPTZ in tight spaces and crowded areas without constantly worrying about crashes. The peace of mind allows me to better focus on capturing smooth footage with the stabilized 4K camera.

For a drone priced at under $300 dollars, the obstacle sensing abilities of the FANFX EPTZ are unparalleled. While not completely foolproof, the tech works remarkably well for identifying potential hazards in the drone’s flight path. I’ve been thoroughly impressed.

If you want a safety-focused drone that can automatically detect and avoid obstacles around it, look no further than the FANFX EPTZ. The obstacle avoidance drastically reduces the risk of mishaps for a price way under $300. I’ll take piece of mind over savings any day!

Overall, the FANFX EPTZ’s excellent obstacle avoidance abilities make it stand out given its affordable price tag. The sensors provide an extra level of safety and prevent many crashes. However, the technology isn’t foolproof and there are some limitations. For basic safety-focused flying under $300, it’s a great option, but more advanced pilots may want more premium features and build quality.


  • Obstacle avoidance sensors work well
  • Can detect objects in wide radius
  • Automatically stops before collisions
  • LED lights help detect at night
  • Good 4K camera with stabilization
  • Foldable portable design
  • Under $300 price point


  • Can still crash into thin objects
  • Sensors challenged by clear objects
  • Range could be longer
  • Flight time only about 15 minutes
  • App connectivity can be glitchy
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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Drones Under $300 in 2023

Drones under $300 offer an affordable entry point into aerial photography and videography. With so many options, it can be hard to pick the right drone for your needs and budget.

This guide covers the key things to look for when buying a drone priced under $300 in 2023.

Camera Quality

Most drones under $300 feature HD cameras, typically 720p or 1080p resolution. Expect decent photo and video quality, but not top of the line. Check if the camera has stabilization for smoother shots.

Flight Time

Flight times average 15-25 minutes per battery for drones in this range. The battery life has a major impact on how much filming you can do per session.


Expect a maximum range around 300-500 feet for controlling and transmitting video back to your device. Longer range is possible but can come with interference or lag.


Many sub-$300 drones include automated flight modes powered by GPS, such as orbiting or following a subject. Look for these “smart” features.


Drones under 300 dollars are usually fairly compact and lightweight. Seek out foldable models for ultimate portability.

Prioritize the camera, battery life, and smart features that matter most for getting great aerial shots without blowing your $300 budget.

drone for surfing

Ready to Buy an Awesome Drone Under $300?

This guide covers everything you need – from key factors to consider when buying, top models to choose from, critical laws and safety tips, accessories, FAQs, and more.

While pro drones cost much more, there are great starter options under $300 for new pilots. The top picks highlighted here provide smooth flying capabilities, decent durability, and excellent value.

Do your research, find the perfect cheap drone for your needs and budget, and have fun learning to fly! Just be sure to fly safely indoors and understand basic controls first.

With a little practice, an inexpensive drone under $300 can provide tons of entertainment as you master taking off, landing, hovering, and steering. Enjoy the thrill of drone flying without breaking the bank!

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