Best Drones For Under 50 Dollars USA

Best Drones for Under $50 2023

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Hey drone enthusiasts!

As an experienced drone pilot on a budget, I know the struggle of finding a quality quadcopter that won’t break the bank. But don’t worry, there are still tons of great drone options for under $50 in 2023 if you know where to look.

I actually first started in this industry with a $50 drone myself and continued the hobby to eventually grow into the nation’s largest drone service.

In this article, I’ll share my top picks for the best drones under $50 based on my years of flying experience.

I’ll suggest the best mini drone under $50 for portability and ease of use. For basic aerial photography, I’ll recommend the best camera drone under $50 to capture decent footage without spending a fortune.

drone flying indoors in living room

And for beginners, I’ll overview drones under $50 that are easy to learn on.

I’ll also cover the best drones for kids under $50, so you can get the youngsters in on the fun safely. And for drone trick enthusiasts, I’ll suggest the most agile and maneuverable models for flipping, spinning, and stunts.

Whether you’re looking for your first beginner drone, a kid-friendly quadcopter, or an ultra-budget drone for tricks, I’ve got you covered.

I’ll break down key features to look for, highlight the pros and cons of each model, and help you get an awesome drone on a strict budget.

Stick with me and you’ll discover there are quality drones available for under $50 in 2023. I can’t wait to pass on my knowledge and help launch your drone piloting hobby without breaking the bank!

Let’s dive in and explore some of the top affordable drones under $50 that will get you started in aerial videography, photography, and tricks on a budget.

Happy flying on the cheap!

TOMZON A24 Battle Drone | Best Overall Drone Under $50 Dollars

Top Pick
A24 Battle Drone out of the

Budget Indoor Battle Drone

Best Overall Drone Under $50

With its easy controls, battle mode for fun competitions, and durable design, the TOMZON A24 Battle Drone is a great option for beginners looking to learn indoor drone flying at an affordable price point.

When I took the A24 Battle Drone out of the box, I was impressed by its sturdy yet lightweight design for an affordable drone under $50.

As a beginner looking to test out flying a drone myself, the A24 seemed durable enough to withstand crashes thanks to the protective blade covers.

The remote control was intuitive with easy to understand buttons for flipping, spinning, landing, and the fun battle mode.

After charging up the batteries, I was excited to fly this drone around my house.

Takeoff and landing is simple with the one-touch buttons, perfect for a novice drone pilot like myself.

The altitude hold feature works great for hovering steadily when flying, even at higher speeds. The A24 remained stable and controllable as I tested flying it around indoors.

One of my favorite features is the battle mode – you can “shoot” IR beams and force another drone to land! This really enhances the fun factor.

While the battery life could be better at around 8 minutes, the fact that you get 3 batteries included makes up for it. I got almost 25 minutes of total fly time before needing to swap them out.

The removable, modular batteries make it easy to switch them once one runs out of juice.

Overall, the A24 Battle Drone is an extremely fun, affordable drone under $50 thanks to its intuitive controls and battle mode feature. As a beginner pilot, I loved how easy it was to pick up and start flying this indoor quadcopter myself. I would definitely recommend the A24 as a budget-friendly drone to learn and test out flying.


  • Durable and can withstand crashes
  • Easy to fly and control, even for beginners
  • Altitude hold provides stable hovering
  • Battle mode is unique and fun
  • Removable modular batteries are easy to swap out
  • Provides 3 batteries for 25 minutes of fly time
  • Affordable price point


  • Battery life could be longer (8 mins per battery)
  • Only comes with 1 micro USB charging cable
  • The charging cable is required, normal USB won’t work
  • Lacks a camera which some users may want

Cheerwing U61S | Best Camera Drone For Under $50

Cheerwing U61S

Fun Budget Indoor Drone for Beginners

Best Camera Drone For Under $50

  • Affordable starter indoor drone
  • Easy to fly and control, even for beginners
  • 720p camera for aerial photos/videos
  • Altitude hold and multiple speed modes
  • Comes with 2 batteries for 14 mins of flight time

After unboxing the Cheerwing U61S, I was eager to take this mini drone, one of the top mini drones under $50, for a spin inside my house. Its compact size makes it ideal for flying this affordable drone indoors.

The 720p camera provides great quality video and photos making it the best drone with camera under $50.

Connecting to the app was simple with the WiFi FPV transmission when operating this cheap indoor drone.

Getting the U61S off the ground is easy with the one-touch takeoff and landing feature. The altitude hold works well to keep it hovering steadily when flying this inexpensive indoor drone.

I tried out the few different speed modes and found even the highest setting has smooth control and stability when flying this budget indoor drone.

Some of the more advanced features like customized flight routes and voice commands took a bit more practice but were fun to try out with this cheap indoor drone. The gestures for taking photos/videos by showing a palm or peace sign allowed me to get good aerial shots with this inexpensive indoor drone with camera. The 3D flips add excitement with just a tap of the button.

The battery life is short at around 7 minutes per battery which is common for affordable indoor drones.

But the included two modular batteries allow you to quickly swap them out in seconds for double the flight time with this cheap indoor drone. I got audible low battery alarms on the remote to let me know when to land before running out of juice.

In terms of durability, the U61S held up nicely despite a few minor crashes into walls. The propeller guards help protect the blades and overall it seems like a sturdy little indoor drone under $50.

For the very affordable price, it packs in a good range of features that make it fun to fly this beginner drone indoors.

Overall, I was satisfied with the Cheerwing U61S as a starter indoor drone under $50 for indoor use. It’s easy to control, provides decent FPV video/photos, and has multiple batteries. Some drawbacks are shorter battery life and WiFi FPV range could be better. But for the price, it’s a nice introductory quadcopter indoor drone for new pilots.


  • Affordable price point
  • Compact and lightweight design for indoor flying
  • 720p camera takes decent photos/videos
  • One-touch takeoff and landing
  • Altitude hold keeps it hovering steadily
  • Multiple speed modes for different skill levels
  • Gesture controls and voice commands
  • 3D flips and maneuvers are fun
  • Comes with 2 batteries for extended flight time


  • Short 7 minute battery life per battery
  • WiFi FPV range could be better
  • Frame rates can be low on FPV video
  • Lacks sensors and obstacle avoidance
  • Not suitable for outdoor flying
  • No dedicated charger, charges via USB
  • Can struggle flying in windy conditions

HOLYFUN | Best Drone Design For Under $50


Indoor Fighter Jet Drone

Best Drone Design For Under $50

  • Unique and stylish fighter jet design
  • Smooth, stable flight performance indoors
  • Altitude hold keeps it hovering steadily
  • Easy stunts like flips and rolls
  • Includes 3 batteries for 18 mins of fly time

Taking the Holyfun out of the box, I was immediately impressed by its unique fighter jet style design – it looks really cool for a mini drone under $50! This is one of the best drones under $50.

Despite the compact size that makes it great for flying on a budget indoors, it felt sturdy and well-built. This is one of the best drones under 50.

The simple one-key takeoff and landing made getting this cheap indoor drone airborne inside my house a breeze. It’s easy to fly even for beginners.

I was able to make the Holyfun hover steadily thanks to the altitude hold function that comes in handy when flying an inexpensive drone indoors. This drone under 50 handles very smoothly.

The controls were smooth and responsive when flying this budget indoor drone around my living room. It’s one of the best drones under 50 dollars in terms of handling.

It can pick up some decent speed but remains easy to maneuver as a beginner indoor drone. This is a great drone for under 50.

Doing 360 degree flips and stunts with the flip button was a blast with this cheap indoor drone! The tricks make it one of the most fun drones under 50.

The headless mode came in handy as a beginner since I didn’t have to worry about orienting the drone perfectly before flying it indoors. I also tried out the 3 different speed modes, which are nice for flying inexpensive drones indoors in different environments.

The LED lights allow you to keep tracking it even when flying this affordable indoor drone at night.

Battery life was better than expected, with each 380mAh battery lasting around 6 minutes which is great for these small indoor drones under $50. The extra batteries extend the flight time.

Having 3 total batteries included gives you a nice long fly time of 18 minutes with this cheap indoor drone before needing to recharge.

I got plenty of time to enjoy flying this fun indoor drone thanks to the extra batteries.

Overall, the Holyfun lived up to its promise of being an easy and fun best drone under $50. The cool jet design, smooth flying performance, and multiple batteries make this an awesome indoor quadcopter for beginners on a budget or as a gift for kids. I’d highly recommend it if you want an inexpensive indoor drone that’s both stylish and a joy to pilot. It’s one of the best drones under 50 dollars available.


  • Unique and cool fighter jet styling
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Simple one-key takeoff/landing
  • Altitude hold for stable hovering
  • Smooth and responsive controls
  • LED lights for night flying
  • 3 speed modes for different skills
  • Headless mode good for beginners
  • Includes 3 batteries for long fly time
  • Fun tricks like flips and rolls


  • Lacks a camera
  • Batteries can be tricky to remove
  • Short 6 minute flight time per battery
  • No advanced autopilot features
  • WiFi FPV would be nice
  • Not suitable for outdoor flying
  • No sensors for obstacle avoidance
  • Remote control feels a bit cheap

Magic Flying Orb | Best Gesture Controlled Drone For Under $50

Magic Flying Orb

Magic Flying Orb Drone 1

Best Gesture Controlled Drone For Under $50

  • Intuitive hand control flying method is easy to learn
  • Lightweight, portable orb design can be taken anywhere
  • Durable construction withstands crashes
  • Simple to operate right out of the box
  • Provides carefree flying fun for both kids and adults

Right out of the box I was fascinated by the unique orb design of the Magic Flying Orb drone.

As one of the best mini drones under $50, it’s shaped like a ball with the propellers concealed inside, making it safe for regular use. Charging it up was simple with the included USB cable.

Getting this budget drone airborne takes a gentle upward hand motion rather than a traditional remote control.

It took a few tries to launch it smoothly, but once up, the Magic Orb hovered steadily like a great small drone under $50 should. I could guide it left, right, up or down based on hand movements – no remote needed with this innovative flying machine!

The orb design protects walls and furniture if you happen to bump into anything mid-flight with this mini drone. Durability seems good as it survived a few of my clumsy landings unscathed.

One fun trick is quickly flipping your palm underneath to make the drone rapidly ascend. My kids loved playing catch with it after launching this mini quadcopter.

Flight time is about 8-10 minutes per charge.

That’s fairly typical for these best small drones under 50 dollars. When the LEDs start blinking, it’s a signal the battery is running low. I do wish the on/off switch was easier to access for a quick emergency shutoff if needed while flying.

One neat thing about the Magic Orb drone is how portable it is.

The entire flying machine can fit in the palm of your hand and weighs next to nothing. I loved that I could toss it in a bag and take it anywhere for impromptu flying sessions. It’s also quiet enough that you can use this mini drone under 50 dollars without disturbing others too much.

While it doesn’t have the lengthy feature list or functionality of more advanced drones, the Magic Orb delivers on its goal of providing a simple, intuitive flying experience.

The hand control method offers a more organic, engaging experience than using a remote with many cheap drones under $50.

Both kids and adults found this mini flying orb easy to pick up yet still challenging as we competed to keep it airborne and aimed it through doorways or up staircases. For an affordable introduction to quadcopters focused on sheer fun, the hand-controlled Magic Flying Orb is hard to beat as one of the best drones under $50.


  • Unique hand control flying method is intuitive and easy to pick up
  • Lightweight, compact orb design great for portability
  • Propellers concealed for added safety when flying indoors
  • Sturdy construction withstands crashes
  • Fun for both kids and adults
  • Simple operation right out of the box
  • Affordable price point


  • Short 8-10 minute flight time per charge
  • No advanced features like camera, gestures, tricks
  • Difficult to access small on/off switch
  • Hand control method has learning curve
  • Lack of remote control limits capabilities
  • Not suitable for outdoor flight
  • No propeller guards or sensors

Pterosaur Dinosaur Drone | Best Drone For Kids For Under $50

Pterosaur Dinosaur Drone


Dinosaur-themed drone provides smooth indoor flying

  • Unique dinosaur pterodactyl design stands out
  • Smooth, stable flight performance indoors
  • Durable construction withstands crashes
  • Intuitive controls simple enough for kids
  • Modular battery provides good flight time

As soon as I unboxed the Pterosaur drone, I knew its unique dinosaur shape would be a hit, especially with kids looking for one of the best drones under $50.

The pterodactyl design really makes it stand out from other mini drones. After charging up via the USB cable, I was ready to take this prehistoric flyer for a spin.

Getting airborne was simple using the one button takeoff.

The altitude hold function kicked in nicely to keep the Pterosaur hovering steadily.

Transitioning between the 3 speed modes provided a good range for maneuvering in tight spaces up to more adventurous flying. The headless mode came in handy as a beginner pilot, making directing this budget drone under $50 intuitive.

I was impressed by how smoothly the Pterosaur handled thanks to its 6-axis gyro system. The controls were very responsive, allowing me to navigate through doorways and around furniture with ease.

The modular battery delivered a solid 10 minutes of fly time before needing a recharge.

Durability is excellent – this dino drone shrugged off some minor crashes into walls and furniture without any issue.

The flexible blades help ensure it can withstand some beginner mishaps. Both kids and adults will appreciate the fun, unique design of this cheap drone under 50 dollars.

For the very affordable price, the Pterosaur dinosaur drone packs in some great features for a mini quadcopter. The intuitive controls and fun design make it perfect for beginners looking for one of the best small drones under $50.

Overall, I’d highly recommend the Pterosaur drone as a unique mini drone under $50, especially for kids interested in dinosaurs. The smooth performance, durable build, and cool dino styling provide an engaging flying experience.


  • Unique pterodactyl drone design
  • Smooth, stable indoor flight performance
  • Altitude hold enables steady hovering
  • Responsive controls and 3 speed modes
  • Headless mode good for beginners
  • Modular battery provides up to 10 mins of flight
  • Withstands crashes well due to durable construction
  • Easy for kids to fly and control
  • Very affordable price point


  • Short 10 minute maximum flight time
  • No advanced features like camera or tricks
  • Plastic material feels a bit cheap
  • Not suitable for outdoor flight
  • Remote control design is very basic
  • Can’t customize or program flight patterns

Indoor Swoop Drone | Best Mini Drone For Under $50 2023

Mini Drone In Controller

tiny indoor toy drones 1

Best Mini Drone For Under $50

  • Smooth flight and easy maneuvering indoors
  • Fun features like flips, headless mode, speed settings
  • Long 30 min flight time with 3 batteries
  • Durable and protective propeller guards
  • Extremely affordable

This top mini drone would handle tight spaces and obstacles well. The drone responded quickly and smoothly to commands from the controller.

I was able to easily maneuver it around furniture and through doorways thanks to its compact size.

Even at high speeds, it remained stable and under control.

One of my favorite things about this budget drone under $50 is how fun it is to fly. The 360 degree flips and rolls it can do midair add an exciting element.

It almost feels like an airshow!

I also love the headless mode which makes controlling the direction of this small quadcopter much simpler. With just a push of a button, you can switch into headless mode and focus on steering rather than having to constantly re-orient yourself to which way the drone is facing.

This is a great feature for beginners who are just learning to fly one of the best drones under 50 dollars.

In terms of performance, the altitude hold function allows this top rated mini drone to hover steadily in place which is great for times you need to take a short break from flying or want to pass the controls to someone else.

The one key takeoff and landing also helps smooth out the piloting experience, making it easy to launch and bring the drone back down. For an inexpensive drone under $50, it has impressive stability and maneuverability thanks to features like these.

The fact that this mini drone comes with 3 modular batteries that can be easily swapped out is a huge plus.

With 3 flight times of about 10 minutes each, you can enjoy up to 30 minutes of flight time before needing to recharge. The batteries load into the drone securely while also being easy to remove.

Having multiple batteries really extends the excitement and fun without needing to end the flight prematurely to recharge a single battery.

In terms of safety and durability, the foldable design and propeller guards make this top mini drone a great choice for under $50. I’ve bumped it into things a few times and it has kept on going without any issues.

The soft flexible guards help protect the propellers and make it safer to fly around kids or pets. Despite being lightweight and portable, it doesn’t feel fragile or cheap.

Overall, this foldable mini drone, one of the best cheap drones under $50, absolutely delivers when it comes to performance and fun. It handles beautifully and is compact enough to fly in smaller spaces. The features cater to both newbies and more advanced pilots. With 3 swappable batteries, you can really maximize flight time. Despite its small size, it packs a punch thanks to great maneuverability and speed control. I would highly recommend this affordable mini drone for


  • Compact and portable design perfect for indoor spaces
  • Easy to control with intuitive controls
  • Three speed settings for different skill levels
  • Headless mode simplifies directional navigation
  • Fun tricks like flips and rolls
  • Long battery life from 3 modular batteries
  • Durable propeller guards for added safety
  • Affordable price point


  • Short 10 minute flight time per battery
  • No camera for filming footage
  • Smaller size means more susceptible to wind outdoors
  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case
  • Recharging multiple batteries can be time consuming
  • Not suitable for outdoor use or in windy conditions

S100 Pro | Cheapest Drone For Under $50

S100 Pro Mini Drone

Cheapest Drone For Under 50

Cheapest Drone For Under $50

  • Inexpensive at under $50
  • Easy to fly for beginners
  • Fun tricks like flips and rolls
  • Includes 3 batteries for 20+ min flight time
  • Durable construction withstands crashes

If you’re looking for an inexpensive introduction to drones, it’s hard to beat the value of the S100 Pro mini quadcopter. At under $20, this is one of the most affordable drones you can buy while still getting a surprisingly fun flying experience.

Despite the bargain basement price, the S100 Pro doesn’t feel cheap or like a toy. The compact drone frame feels sturdy and durable. The included modular batteries quickly charge via USB and pop into the drone in seconds.

With just a press of the one key takeoff button, the S100 Pro effortlessly lifts off and hovers in place thanks to the altitude hold function. Even beginners can get it airborne with minimal practice.

Flying the S100 Pro around my living room was a blast thanks to responsive controls and 3 speed modes to match your skill level. The LED lights make keeping orientation easy even when flying at night.

Executing mid-air 360 flips and rolls really livened up the experience! Kids will love showing off tricks like these to friends.

Each battery provides about 7 minutes of flight time – excellent for budget drones. With 3 batteries included in the package, you get up to 21 minutes before recharging.

Despite a few minor crashes, the S100 Pro kept on ticking thanks to durable construction. The guards protect the blades well.

Weighing next to nothing, the S100 Pro is super portable for on-the-go fun. The compact size makes it easy to fly indoors without worrying about breakables.

For those looking to get started with drones on a tight budget, the S100 Pro packs in beginner-friendly features without sacrificing durability or flight time. It’s hands down one of the best value mini drones under $50!


  • Inexpensive price under $50
  • Easy to use for beginners with one-key takeoff/landing
  • Fun tricks like flips, rolls, and circle flying
  • Altitude hold for stable hovering
  • 3 speed modes to progress skills


  • Short 7 minute battery life per battery
  • Batteries take time to recharge
  • No camera or advanced features
  • Limited range and connectivity
  • Not suitable for windy conditions outdoors
  • Some reports of cryptic instructions
Drone Jamming

Buying Guide: The Best Drones Under $50 in 2023

Drones have exploded in popularity in recent years as the technology has become extremely affordable. With so many options for under $50, it can be tricky to determine which cheap drone is right for you.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find the best drones under $50 in 2023.

What to Consider When Buying a Drone Under $50

There are several key factors to evaluate when shopping for an inexpensive beginner drone:

Flight Time

Flight time refers to how long the drone can stay airborne on a single charge. This is crucial, as you want to maximize air time with a limited budget.

For drones under $50, average flight times are 5-10 minutes per battery. Multiple batteries can extend this.

Control Range

Control range determines how far you can fly your cheap drone before losing signal. Most budget drones have a range of only 30-50 feet, sufficient for indoor use.

Camera Quality

Don’t expect stellar photography from sub-$50 drones. Most offer lower resolution cameras or none at all. Focus instead on smooth flying capabilities.


Cheap drones generally top out at 10 mph or less. Expect slower, more manageable speeds ideal for beginners learning to fly rather than racing performance.

Size and Weight

Mini and micro drones under 250g dominate the under $50 category. Their tiny size makes them extremely portable but gives shorter battery life.


Don’t expect advanced features like obstacle avoidance sensors on budget drones. Instead, look for beginner-friendly options like altitude hold, headless mode, and flip capability.


At this price point, durability can be hit or miss. Prioritize drones with prop guards and replacement parts available to withstand inevitable crashes.

Focus less on amazing features and instead choose an easy-to-fly drone under $50 suited for learning the basics and having fun!

drone for surfing

Ready to Buy an Awesome Drone Under $50?

This guide covers everything you need – from key factors to consider when buying, top models to choose from, critical laws and safety tips, accessories, FAQs, and more.

While pro drones cost much more, there are great starter options under $50 for new pilots. The top picks highlighted here provide smooth flying capabilities, decent durability, and excellent value.

Do your research, find the perfect cheap drone for your needs and budget, and have fun learning to fly! Just be sure to fly safely indoors and understand basic controls first.

With a little practice, an inexpensive drone under $50 can provide tons of entertainment as you master taking off, landing, hovering, and steering. Enjoy the thrill of drone flying without breaking the bank!

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