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How Commercial Drones Can Assist in Property Inspections

This article discusses the use of commercial drones to inspect properties and identify potential structural and building issues before it’s too late. Drones can assist you by taking aerial photos of the property and producing a detailed inspection report that includes videos, pictures, and 3D models. This way, you’ll be able to spot any damages that need to be repaired before it’s too late! Do you require a drone inspection? For a quote, please contact Leslie Drones right away.


What Exactly Is A Commercial Drone?

A commercial drone is an aerial vehicle that takes photos and videos from the sky. This data can be used to create 3D models of land or structures, as well as to capture still images and videos. Drones are faster than humans at inspecting areas by looking at them on foot and can inspect hard-to-reach areas.

Most commercial drones use a live video stream collected by an ultra high definition 4K digital camera and can fly at higher altitudes than other hobbyist drones, making it easier for operators to inspect higher surfaces and avoid obstacles such as trees and buildings. Commercial drones also provide greater accuracy than manually inspecting the same area because the drone’s camera can collect detail from difficult-to-reach areas.

You should hire an experienced commercial drone operator to use one on your property. This way you are sure that you will get what you need without any problems. The most important thing is that the pilot flying the drone understands how to do so safely and legally.


How Can It Assist You In Inspecting Your Property?

Commercial drones are an effective tool for inspecting your property and identifying potential problems. The drone will take pictures and videos of the property and produce a detailed inspection report with images, videos, and 3D models. This way, you’ll be able to see any damages or repairs that need to be made before it’s too late!

Drones are now on the cutting edge of commercial technology. They make capturing aerial photography and video easy and affordable. According to Scottish drone laws, drones can fly up to 400 feet and provide a bird’s eye view that would be difficult to obtain otherwise. This type of drone can be used to take pictures and videos of any commercial property; it has many applications, including identifying potential issues with the structure and landscape surrounding the property. For example, if you’re considering investing in land or buying a house, an aerial view allows you to see the terrain, trees, power lines, structures, and more.


What To Look For When Inspecting Your Property With a Drone

When using a drone to inspect properties, it’s always best to take photos of things that are hard to see on the ground. When taking these photos, the most important thing to look for is any changes in the structure. For example, if your property has cracks or other changes, an aerial photo will show you if anything has moved since the last time you looked at it.


Detecting Property Changes

Drone 3D Mapping
Drone 3D Mapping Lunun Bay

The 3D models obtained from a drone inspection are an important component of this. The landscape model will show you exactly what has changed, from every angle. You’ll be able to see if there are any cracks through which water could enter your property, as well as any drainage issues that could lead to flooding during heavy rains. Furthermore, these photos show you details that are difficult to find, such as where plant roots have grown into the roof or where trees are rooted in your property line or structure.

Drone Survey

Landscape Damage Inspection

Aerial photography, as previously stated, allows you to see trends in the landscape.  Because land damage can cause insurance companies to raise the cost of your insurance, it is advisable to pay attention to changes in areas that may appear insignificant at first glance.  The longer you wait to repair something, the more expensive repairs become, so dealing with these types of issues right away means doing less work for yourself and saving money in the long run.

Roof top plant growth drone
Rooftop Plant Growth

Roof Damage

A roof inspection in a commercial or industrial environment can help save time and money in the long run. A drone inspection is far safer than climbing ladders or working in dangerous alcoves. The drone has the ability to hover over an area and inspect it with ease. Roof damage can be inspected by looking at shingles for missing pieces or by checking for standing water on the roof. Damage from severe rain and/or snowstorms can also be found, as well as signs of leaks and water penetration inside walls and ceilings.

Aerial Roof Inspection
Aerial Inspection

A drone can also get up close and personal with difficult-to-reach areas, such as the tops of large industrial containers, silos, and other rooftop structures. A drone roof inspection provides valuable information about how well the roof is functioning and whether any repairs are required to extend its life.

Exterior Damage

A drone equipped with a camera is the best way to inspect the exterior of a structure. The camera can be mounted in any direction that provides good visibility, but the most common configuration is to mount it under the drone’s nose, facing straight down and 90 degrees to the ground. This allows the operator to fly over the structure in a grid pattern and inspect each side individually.  Exterior damage can range from severe storm damage to minor window cracks or dry rot in wooden structures.

aerial drone shot
Aerial Inspection

Get a Property Inspection

It may appear expensive at first, but repairing damages immediately rather than waiting for them to deteriorate will save you time and money in the long run! Contact Leslie Drones Drone Inspections today to schedule a drone inspection; we’ll bring our equipment to your property and thoroughly inspect all aspects of your property with drones!


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