Is the Part 107 Exam Open Book

Is the Part 107 Exam Open Book?

The Part 107 exam is a crucial step for aspiring commercial drone pilots in the United States, assessing their knowledge of operational rules and safety guidelines.

Candidates often inquire whether the exam is open book and what materials can be utilized during testing.

Summary – Is the Part 107 Exam Open Book?

The initial Part 107 exam is not open book, meaning candidates cannot refer to external materials during the test. Thorough preparation is required to ensure a deep comprehension of the topics.

This article explores the current policy regarding open book examinations, identifies permissible resources, and discusses the implications for preparation strategies.

Stay informed on recent policy updates and recommended study aids for the Part 107 exam.

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Part 107 Exam: Open Book Policy

We must clarify that the initial Part 107 exam is not an open book test; candidates cannot refer to any external materials during the examination.

This means no notes, books, or electronic devices allowed that could aid in answering the questions.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) strictly enforces this policy to ensure a fair testing environment and to accurately assess an individual’s knowledge of UAS regulations and other necessary topics.

Recent changes to the testing process emphasize the importance of understanding this policy.

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While the recurrent exam allows for an open-book format, the initial exam requires thorough preparation beforehand.

To assist with this, the FAA offers a printed copy of the Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement during the test, which includes valuable charts and data.

In terms of preparation, candidates should use recommended resources such as the FAA’s own study materials, which are designed to cover all pertinent subject areas.

The impact on prep strategies is significant; individuals must familiarize themselves with the material well in advance to ensure a deep comprehension of the topics.

Relying on memory and understanding rather than the ability to look up information mid-test is crucial for success.

Understanding and adhering to UAS regulations is a critical component of the exam, and preparation must be approached with the seriousness it demands.

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Rules on Materials in Part 107 Exam

When taking the Part 107 exam, candidates must adhere to strict guidelines regarding the materials they can have during the test.

The only items you really need to bring are a valid photo ID and, if you find it helpful, a magnifier for studying the sectional charts in the provided Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement.

This supplement is full of useful information about airspace and is given to you at the testing center.

You are allowed to bring certain tools that might help you with the exam, like rulers or calculators, as long as they are simple and related to the test.

However, there are restrictions on personal calculators. The test proctor must be able to see that all memory has been cleared before you use it.

This is to make sure that no one has stored answers or notes on their calculator.

There are also many prohibited items in the testing center.

You cannot bring in things like dictionaries, tapes, or booklets that contain instructions for calculators. Your phone is also not allowed.

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Devices Allowed in Part 107 Exam

The Part 107 exam permits the use of certain non-programmable calculators provided by the testing center or approved by the test proctor.

For people taking the exam, this means that complex calculators that can store text or have internet access are not allowed.

The restrictions on calculators in the Part 107 exam ensure that all the calculations are done without any stored information or assistance from pre-programmed data.

Regarding the use of electronic devices in the Part 107 exam, they are generally not allowed. This means that you cannot bring in devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

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These items could potentially be used to look up answers or store information, which goes against the rules of the exam.

The prohibited devices in the Part 107 exam include anything that can store information, like the devices mentioned above, as well as smartwatches and electronic note-taking devices.

The cell phone policy in the Part 107 exam is strict; phones must be turned off and stored away during the exam to prevent cheating and distractions.

The impact of device restrictions on Part 107 exam preparation is significant. It means that individuals must be well-prepared and familiar with the material, as they cannot rely on any outside help during the test.

This emphasizes the importance of studying and understanding the content thoroughly before taking the exam.

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Impact on Part 107 Prep Strategies

Understanding that the Part 107 exam is not open book, every candidate must allocate sufficient time and resources to master the material without external aids.

Preparation for the exam should include a blend of different study methods. Practice tests are particularly helpful; they let you experience the format and timing of the real test.

When you take practice tests, you get to see which areas you know well and which ones you need to work on.

Study guides break down the material into smaller, manageable sections.

They often highlight the most important points you need to learn. These guides simplify complex topics and can make learning easier.

Training courses offer structured learning. A good course will cover all the topics you need to know for the Part 107 exam and may provide interactive elements like quizzes and video lessons.

These can help you understand concepts, not just memorize them.

Rote memorization has its place, but it’s not enough on its own. You need to understand the why and how behind the facts.

This deeper understanding will help you to apply the knowledge in the exam and in real-world flying situations.

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Recent Changes to Part 107 Open-Book Policy

Despite the adjustments made to the Part 107 testing and recurrency requirements, the open-book policy remains unchanged, with the exam still requiring candidates to rely solely on their retained knowledge.

Candidates preparing for the Part 107 exam must be mindful of the FAA changes and the importance of understanding the material thoroughly.

Here are some key points regarding the current state of the Part 107 exam:

  • Night Flying Regulations: The content of the Part 107 exam now includes new questions about night flying. Candidates must study and memorize these rules, as they cannot refer to any notes during the test.
  • Online Training Course: For the recurrent testing process, the FAA now allows pilots to complete an online training course instead of taking an in-person test every 24 months. This course can be found at
  • Study Resources: As the exam is closed-book, it is crucial to use available study resources effectively to ensure all information, including recent updates, is well understood before the day of the exam.
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Recommended Resources for Part 107 Study?

Considering the comprehensive nature of the Part 107 exam, it is imperative for candidates to utilize a variety of recommended study resources to ensure a thorough understanding of all testable material.

Study materials for Part 107 exam include the FAA’s online offerings such as the Remote Pilot Study Guide and the Airman Certification Standards.

These materials are crucial for understanding the exam’s scope.

Effective preparation strategies for Part 107 exam involve early planning and identifying key areas to focus on. Practice with questions similar to those on the exam is also a must.

Understanding sectional charts is particularly important, as they are heavily featured in the test.

Benefits of paid training courses for Part 107 exam are significant.

They provide structured learning, which may lead to better retention and comprehension compared to self-study.

Paid courses often include additional support from instructors and organized content.

Recommended books for Part 107 exam preparation, such as the ‘Drone FAA 107 License Study Guide,’ offer in-depth coverage of topics and practice questions which are invaluable for deepening knowledge and understanding.

Lastly, the importance of practice exams for Part 107 exam readiness cannot be overstated.

These exams simulate the actual test environment, helping candidates become familiar with the exam format and time constraints.

Practice exams help pinpoint areas that require further study, ensuring comprehensive preparation.

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In conclusion, the Part 107 exam is not an open-book test, and strict rules govern the materials and devices candidates may use during the examination.

This influences preparation strategies, necessitating thorough study and understanding of the material beforehand.

While there have been updates to the Part 107 policies, candidates should stay informed and utilize recommended study resources to ensure compliance and maximize their chances of success on the exam.

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