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We offer aerial construction photography, site survey and construction progress photography to document the development of your project over time. You’ll be able to see your project develop in ways you never thought possible.

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UK Wide Drone Construction Photography Services

UK’s Leading Drone Construction Photography Company

Drone Survey Services is the premier provider of drone construction photography in the UK. Our aerial construction photography services are specifically tailored to cater to the unique needs of the construction industry, helping professionals effectively plan, monitor, and manage their projects.

We are proud to work with a variety of clients, ranging from small construction firms to large enterprises. Our high-resolution drone imagery has played an essential role in numerous construction projects, enabling efficient site surveys, progress monitoring, and insightful post-construction analyses.

If you’re a project manager in need of accurate aerial surveys, an engineer seeking detailed imagery for site planning, or a contractor requiring progress documentation, our drone construction photography services are designed to provide you with comprehensive, high-quality visuals that can aid in efficient decision-making.

Expertise in Aerial Imagery: Elevate Your Project

Our team of licensed drone photographers leverages years of experience and advanced technology to deliver stunning aerial photography, providing a unique perspective to elevate your project.

Nationwide Coverage: Consistency Across the UK

We offer seamless, high-quality drone construction photography services no matter your location in the UK, ensuring consistency and convenience.

Safety and Quality Assured

Our commitment to safety and quality, backed by CAA certification and comprehensive insurance, ensures your project is carried out with professionalism, delivering exceptional results every time.

Endorsed by Brands
Demanding Unwavering Reliability

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Not The Cheapest, But The Best

Drone Construction Photography Services Pricing UK​

We believe in keeping things simple. We know that when it comes to drone construction photography services, you need to be able to get the shots you need without worrying about complicated pricing structures. We’ll make sure you get the shots you need at a price you can afford.

Hourly Rate

Starting From



*Excluding VATAll images captured are yours

Day and Night Flight Operations
45MP+ Commercial Drone Camera
Digital Transfer of Images
GVC Qualified Pilot
Fully Insured and Licensed
1 Pilot and 1 Spotter
Full Day Rate​

Starting From



*Excluding VATAll images captured are yours

Day and Night Flight Operations
45MP+ Commercial Drone Camera
GVC Qualified Pilot
Digital Transfer of Images
Fully Insured and Licensed
1 Pilot and 1 Spotter
Drone Flight Permissions (For complex flight zones)
Portable Hard drive with images
Travel expenses
Ground Crew
Custom editing of footage or photos

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Soaring Above the Rest – Premium Drone Photography

What Is Drone Construction Photography?

Drone photography is the capture of still images and video using a remotely-operated or autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or simply a drone.

It allows photographers and videographers to capture images and audio/video that might not be possible or would be extremely costly using traditional methods, such as helicopter photography.

Drone photography has redefined the way images are captured, offering new opportunities for photographers and videographers to expand their skills and explore new creative avenues.

Elevating Your Vision with Aerial Photography

UK’s Only Nationwide Drone Construction Photography Service

Drone Survey Services takes pride in being the UK’s exclusive provider of nationwide commercial drone construction photography. This distinct standing enables us to serve construction clients all over the country with our superior aerial construction photography services.

Whether you’re involved in civil engineering, commercial construction, infrastructure development, or any other segment within the construction industry that could benefit from striking aerial visuals, we stand ready to support your projects.

Our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and professionalism makes us the prime choice for construction businesses across the UK seeking dependable, impactful drone construction photography services.

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Taking UK’s Construction Aerial Photography to New Heights

Real-Time Site Management with Our Drone Construction Photography

Drones can offer immediate analysis of aerial construction images, providing comprehensive, up-to-date visual data. This allows project managers and site supervisors to monitor progress in real-time, enabling swift identification of potential issues, accurate resource allocation, and effective coordination of site activities.

This immediate access to high-resolution imagery can inform on-the-spot decision making, a critical aspect for staying within budget and adhering to project deadlines. By providing an instantaneous, detailed overview of your construction site, our drone construction photography service empowers you to manage your project more effectively, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

All our pilots are Gold Certified Drone Safe – the most skilled, advanced, and safe drone operators available. We adhere to all Drone Safety Protocol’s and have full Civil Aviation Authority licencing. We follow all UK drone laws

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Taking Construction Photography to New Heights

Monitoring Progress, Productivity, and Accountability

Our drone construction photography goes beyond simply providing imagery; it becomes a potent tool for project management.

With the detailed aerial footage captured by our drones, managers can visually assess the entirety of the construction site, observing the progress of work at each stage. This visual data allows them to quickly identify any potential issues or bottlenecks, and address these problems proactively before they escalate into costly delays or resource wastage.

Aerial drone construction imagery aids in maintaining accountability among teams and contractors by providing a clear, unbiased record of work done on-site. This fosters transparency and improves productivity, ultimately contributing to the successful execution of your construction project.

With our drone construction photography service, you gain a valuable tool that enhances monitoring and control over your project, promoting efficiency and successful outcomes.

See the World from a New Angle with Our Drone Construction Photography

Transparency with Stakeholders Through Aerial Site Photography

We understand the importance of keeping stakeholders informed about the progress of your construction project. Our high-quality aerial construction site photography offers a constant visual update of the construction site that can be shared with stakeholders, ensuring transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

By providing stakeholders with access to detailed aerial images and footage, you can keep them informed about the project’s progress, milestones, and any significant developments. This visual documentation enables them to have a clear understanding of the project’s status, fostering trust and confidence in your ability to deliver.

Whether it’s investors, clients, regulatory bodies, or community stakeholders, our drone construction photography service ensures that you have an effective means of communication that goes beyond written reports and verbal updates. It allows stakeholders to visually witness the construction progress, promoting transparency, and facilitating collaborative decision-making.

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Partnering for Progress

Tailored Solutions with Drone Survey Services

We’re not just a drone survey provider, we’re your dedicated partner. Let’s collaborate to create tailored solutions best drones that perfectly meet your unique needs.

Superior Aerial Data Capabilities

Special Permissions: We operate within restricted access zones, unlike competitors.
Higher Heights: Our drones fly higher for unique aerial image data and capture stunning aerial footage.
Greater Reach: We reach farther, inspecting locations competitors can’t.
Compliant Operations: Despite expanded operations, we maintain regulatory compliance.

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Capturing the World in Detail – Expert Drone Construction Photographers

Licensed and Qualified Drone Construction Photographers For Hire

Safety and professionalism are at the heart of our drone construction photography service. At Drone Survey Services, all our drone pilots are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and hold a General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC), the highest tier of drone operating license.

The GVC allows our pilots to operate drones in a broader range of environments and conditions, ensuring we can deliver high-quality aerial photography services for any project. Each pilot is fully versed in the rules and regulations surrounding drone operations, ensuring all flights are conducted legally and safely.

Moreover, to mitigate the inherent risks of aerial photography, we hold comprehensive insurance coverage. This safeguards both us and our clients against any unexpected incidents, providing additional peace of mind.

By entrusting your drone construction photography needs to our CAA approved, GVC certified pilots, you can rest assured that your project will be carried out with the utmost professionalism, adhering to all safety guidelines, and delivering exceptional results.

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Giving Wings to Your Ideas

Drone Construction Site Photography

We’re excited to offer drone construction site photography. Using drones equipped with high-definition cameras, we can get a bird’s eye view of the construction site, making it easy to track progress and document changes over time.

Drone photography is perfect for project managers who want to keep an eye on their construction projects from start to finish.

It’s also a great tool for marketing and public relations, giving potential clients a sneak peek at our work in progress.

We are proud to be at the cutting edge of construction technology, and we are confident that our drone photography services will provide value for our clients. Contact us today to learn more.

Uk’s Expert Drone Construction Photographers For Hire

In-House Experts In Construction Photography Touch Up

We take pride in our in-house team of editors who possess exceptional expertise in the latest professional Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro photo and video editing software. This allows us to enhance the quality and visual impact of your aerial photos and videos to a whole new level.

With our skilled editors at the helm, we meticulously refine and perfect every aspect of your aerial imagery. From colour correction and exposure adjustments to fine-tuning composition and removing unwanted elements, our team ensures that each construction site photo showcases true beauty.

When it comes to aerial videos, our editors work their magic in post-production. They bring your footage to life by seamlessly merging scenes, enhancing clarity, adding captivating transitions, and incorporating dynamic visual effects. The end result is a polished and compelling video that captivates viewers and leaves a lasting impression.

By harnessing the power of Adobe’s professional editing software, we deliver exceptional quality and attention to detail in every aspect of our work. Our editors understand the importance of striking the right balance and creating visuals that align with your brand identity and marketing objectives.

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Elevate Your Knowledge

Aerial Insights and Expertise

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