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Leading provider of land survey services in the UK. We offer a range of land surveying services, including topographical surveys, boundary surveys, LiDAR and more. Our ground and drone surveys ensure quick and efficient data collection, minimising disruptions and enhancing project efficiency.

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Precision Meets Innovation: Land Surveying Redefined

UK’s Leading Land Surveying Company

Land survey services that combine cutting-edge technology, unparalleled expertise, and a deep commitment to quality, delivering exceptional land survey solutions for our clients.

Our comprehensive land survey services cater to a diverse range of projects, from construction and infrastructure development to environmental assessments and property management.

We provide accurate, efficient, and reliable results that set us apart from the competition.

An unwavering dedication to client satisfaction has earned us a reputation as the UK’s foremost land surveying company, with a growing portfolio of satisfied clients and successful projects.

From small-scale land surveys to large-scale projects

Our seasoned squad of drone surveyors and engineers stand poised to propel your project to new heights.

We Go Beyond Third-Party Software Data Processing

Distinguishing ourselves from those simply utilising third-party software, our in-house geospatial technicians are industry trailblazers, curating and customising data to meet your unique project needs.

Survey Grade Heavy Lift Drones

Command the skies with our commercial-grade heavy-lift drones, embodying performance and versatility at its peak.

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Pioneering Drone Technology for Efficient Stockpile Surveys

Defining the Landscape of Land Survey Services

What Is a Land Survey?

A land survey is a systematic process of measuring and mapping the physical features of a specific area of land. It involves the collection and analysis of data to determine property boundaries, topography, and the location of natural and man-made features.

Land surveys are essential for a variety of purposes, including construction, property development, land management, and legal compliance. They are conducted by skilled professionals known as land surveyors, who employ modern surveying techniques and technology, such as drones and Global Positioning System (GPS), to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Mapping the Path to Progress

Topographical Land Surveys

Our topographical surveys provide detailed information about the natural and man-made features of buildings and your land, helping you make better decisions for building your project.

We use a combination range of advanced surveying techniques and technologies to produce accurate topographic survey maps that reveal elevations, contours, and existing structures.

These maps are essential for architects, engineers, and planners to design and execute construction projects, manage resources effectively, and minimise potential risks.

Drones for Streamlined Stockpile Management

Making Important Decisions with Confidence

Our Land Survey Process

accurate stockpile volume measurements

Land Survey Initial Consultation

stockpile inventory management

Land Survey Site Visit and Data Collection

inventory management

Land Survey Data Processing and Analysis

Inventory Management with Drone Surveys

UK’s #1 Aerial Surveying Service

Drone Survey Deliverables To Fit Your GIS software

Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and quality results is why we have been trusted for years by some of the biggest names in the industry. We understand that every project is unique and that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

That’s why we take the time to understand your specific mapping and drone survey requirements so that we can provide you with the best possible service. With our comprehensive range of services and software solutions, you can be sure that we have the resources and expertise to complete your project to the highest standard.

Beyond Third-Party Software: Our Geospatial Mastery

Custom Drone Data Sets Provided By Our Geospatial Technicians

We don’t just rely on third-party software for data processing. We set ourselves apart with a team of in-house geospatial technicians who contribute their wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to every project.

While many drone service providers utilise applications like DroneDeploy, we take an extra step to ensure our data processing and analysis are more thorough and customised. Our in-house specialists have a profound understanding of geospatial data, enabling us to offer bespoke solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client and project.

This distinctive approach not only allows us to maintain higher control over data quality and accuracy but also provides a level of flexibility and responsiveness that third-party solutions often can’t match.

Empowering Industries with Accurate Drone Stockpile Surveys

Unrivalled Precision: Expert Land Survey Solutions

Land Surveying

stockpile volumes

Drone Land Surveys

stockpile management

Fixed-Wing Corridor Mapping

stockpile data

LiDAR Land surveying services

Inventory Management with Drone Surveys

Precise Land Surveys for a Sustainable Future

Land Surveys Report Generation and Delivery

Upon completion of data processing and analysis, we’ll produce a complete and comprehensive report tailored to your specific needs.

This completed report will include topographic maps, CAD drawings, 3D visualisations, and other relevant data to support your project goals.

We’ll deliver the complete final report in your preferred format, whether it’s digital or printed, and ensure that it meets your expectations in terms of content and presentation.

Discovering New Horizons

Geodetic Surveying Land Services

We offer precise geodetic surveying services to determine the exact coordinates and elevations of your property. Geodetic surveys involve high-precision measurements to establish accurate positions and elevations of points on the Earth’s surface.

Our experienced team uses their knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies to provide reliable geodetic survey data, which is essential for large-scale construction projects, infrastructure development, civil engineering and land management.

Drone LiDAR Surveying Service

Partnering for Progress

Tailored Solutions with Drone Survey Services

We’re not just a drone survey provider, we’re your dedicated partner. Let’s collaborate to create tailored solutions best drones that perfectly meet your unique needs.

Superior Aerial Data Capabilities

Special Permissions: We operate within restricted access zones, unlike competitors.
Higher Heights: Our drones fly higher for unique aerial image data and capture stunning aerial footage.
Greater Reach: We reach farther, inspecting locations competitors can’t.
Compliant Operations: Despite expanded operations, we maintain regulatory compliance.

River Subsurface Topographical Surveys

Cadastral Land Surveying

Our cadastral surveying helps establish and define property boundaries for legal purposes.

Cadastral surveys are critical for determining accurate property lines, identifying land ownership, and facilitating real estate transactions.

Our land surveyors use advanced technologies, licensed surveyors, and proven methodologies to deliver accurate cadastral survey data, ensuring that property boundaries are correctly established and recorded in accordance with legal requirements.

drone aerial mapping uk
Stockpile Surveys with Drone Technology

Measured Building Surveys

Land Boundary Surveys UK

We provide boundary surveys to resolve a range of boundary disputes and establish clear property lines for construction and land development projects.

Our team of experts accurately identifies and marks property boundaries, helping property owners avoid encroachment issues, land disputes, and a range of potential legal complications.

With our boundary survey services, you can confidently proceed with construction, landscaping, or fencing projects, knowing that you are respecting the legal boundaries of your property.

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Your Land Survey Ally for Success

Building & Construction Area Surveys

Our building surveys offer in-depth analysis of existing structures, helping you make informed decisions on renovations, expansions, or demolitions. We’ building survey to assess the condition of a building, identifying any structural issues, defects, or areas of concern that could impact your project. Our detailed building survey reports provide the information you need to make educated decisions about property investments, potential renovations, or future development plans.

We support construction projects with accurate and reliable survey data to ensure your project runs smoothly and remains compliant with legal requirements. Our construction project surveys involve monitoring and verifying various key aspects of building a project, such as site layout, property boundaries, and structural alignment.

By providing precise measurements and accurate data, we help construction professionals maintain project timelines, control costs, and adhere to safety standards, ensuring successful project completion.

Stockpile Surveys Redefined with Drone Technology
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The Foundation of Your Project

Hydrographic & Environmental Land Surveyors

We offer hydrographic surveys for projects involving bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and coastal areas. Our experienced team of land surveyors maps and measures water depths, flow patterns, and underwater structures using advanced surveying techniques to support marina development, flood management, and environmental studies.

We utilise cutting-edge technologies, such as drone surveying and LiDAR, to ensure accurate and reliable results, helping you make informed decisions for your water-related projects.

Our environmental land survey services are designed to assess the impact of your project on the environment and identify potential issues, such as soil contamination or the presence of endangered species. Our skilled team of chartered surveyors will conduct thorough assessments to help ensure compliance with environmental regulations and promote sustainable development

Where Technology Meets Accuracy

Utility & Monitoring Land Surveys

Utility land survey services to identify and mapping underground utilities, such as water, gas, and electrical lines. This crucial information helps construction professionals avoid damaging existing utilities and enables better planning for new utility installations.

Our team of surveyors uses advanced detection techniques and equipment, such as ground-penetrating radar, to accurately locate and map underground utilities, ensuring a safer and more efficient project execution.

We offer monitoring land surveys to support projects that require the periodic collection of data to track changes in a site over time. Monitoring surveys are commonly used for projects involving potential land movement, such as construction near slopes or in areas prone to subsidence.

Our monitoring surveys utilise state-of-the-art surveying instruments and techniques, including drone surveys and computer-aided design (CAD), to provide accurate, up-to-date information that helps you manage risks and make informed decisions.

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