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High-quality drone photogrammetry surveying services. We capture precise data and create detailed images that are essential for surveying and mapping projects. Accurate, up-to-date information that is crucial for making informed decisions.

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Our state-of-the-art drone and photogrammetry technology allows us to capture highly accurate, detailed 3D mapping and measurements of large areas quickly and efficiently, providing our clients with the data they need to succeed.

We are committed to delivering exceptional quality and accuracy, and we are confident that our photogrammetry surveying services will meet and exceed the expectations of even the most discerning clients.
we are committed to providing the highest level of quality. We follow a comprehensive workflow that includes careful planning, field checking, and quality control at each stage of the process, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the data we collect.

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We are the gold standard, transcending the capabilities of smaller providers with our focus on superior, high-end services.

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Our adaptable drone payloads are a testament to our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction. We redefine customisation, shaping our drone and aerial services to match your unique requirements with unerring precision.

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Our reputation as the UK’s most reliable drone service is underpinned by seasoned technicians and advanced technology. We move beyond amateurish practices to offer unparalleled accuracy in your data sets.

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Orchestrating Precision with Drone Orthomosaic Surveys

What Is A Drone Photogrammetry Survey?

A drone photogrammetry survey is a method of gathering geospatial data using aerial photographs captured by a drone. The aerial survey process involves taking a series of overlapping aerial photographs from different angles.  Then using specialised photogrammetry software to process data collected from aerial photographs. This data is then used create a 3D model or map of the surveyed area from overlapping photos.

This method is commonly used for a variety of applications, such as digital elevation models, topographic mapping, building and infrastructure inspections, and monitoring of natural resources.

Experience Clarity from Above

UK Wide Photogrammetry Survey Service

Topographic mapping is an essential tool for a wide range of industries, including construction, land development, and environmental management.

We use the latest photogrammetry technology to quickly and efficiently capture detailed images of the area being mapped. Our specialized software then processes and analyzes these images, creating a detailed 3D model of the area.

This model can be used to create a topographic map, providing accurate and detailed information about the elevation, contours, and other physical features of the land.

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Elevating Perspectives, Detail by Detail

Maximising Photogrammetry Accuracy with Ground Control Points

Ground control points (GCPs) are physical markers placed on the ground at known locations in a survey area. These points are used to provide accurate and reliable measurements for photogrammetry, which is the process of using photographs to create 3D maps or models of an area.

The exact positions of surface points for each GCP is determined using precise surveying techniques, such as satellite-based global positioning systems (GPS) or terrestrial surveying equipment.

Sky-High Precision in Every Pixel

The Importance of Reference Points in Photogrammetry

By providing exact positions of known points of reference, GCPs allow the photogrammetry software to accurately and reliably calculate the position and orientation of each overlapping photos. This ensures that the resulting 3D model or map has precise measurements.

These precise measurements can be used for a variety of applications such as topographic mapping, building inspections, and monitoring of natural resources.

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Tailored Solutions with Drone Survey Services

We’re not just a drone survey provider, we’re your dedicated partner. Let’s collaborate to create tailored solutions best drones that perfectly meet your unique needs.

Superior Aerial Data Capabilities

Special Permissions: We operate within restricted access zones, unlike competitors.
Higher Heights: Our drones fly higher for unique aerial image data and capture stunning aerial footage.
Greater Reach: We reach farther, inspecting locations competitors can’t.
Compliant Operations: Despite expanded operations, we maintain regulatory compliance.

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