What App for DJI Mini 2

What App for DJI Mini 2

The DJI Mini 2 is a popular drone that offers impressive features for aerial photography and videography.

To fully utilize its capabilities, it is crucial to have the right app.

In this article, we will explore various apps available for the DJI Mini 2, including the official DJI Fly app and third-party options.

Summary – What App for DJI Mini 2

The DJI Mini 2 drone can be fully utilized with the official DJI Fly app, which offers a comprehensive range of features for controlling and enhancing your drone flying experience. There are also third-party apps available, such as Litchi and Dronelink, which offer additional features and functionalities.

We will discuss the features, installation process, and how these apps can enhance your DJI Mini 2 experience.

Stay tuned for valuable information and tips to optimize your drone’s performance.

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DJI Mini 2 Official App Features Overview

The DJI Mini 2 official app, known as DJI Fly, offers a comprehensive range of features for controlling and enhancing your drone flying experience.

With easy-to-use camera controls, you can effortlessly adjust settings such as exposure, white balance, and resolution, allowing you to capture stunning aerial footage.

For beginners, the app provides helpful flight tutorials that guide you through the basics of drone operation, ensuring a smooth and safe flying experience.

These tutorials cover everything from takeoff and landing procedures to advanced flight maneuvers, empowering users of all skill levels to master their drone piloting skills.

In terms of post-flight editing and sharing options, DJI Fly has you covered. The app features an advanced editor platform, complete with a variety of tools and templates, enabling you to quickly and easily edit your footage.

Once you’re satisfied with your edits, you can effortlessly share your creations on social media platforms directly from the app.

Additionally, DJI Fly offers flight planning and search functions to enhance your flying experience. You can plan your flights in advance, selecting specific waypoints and routes, ensuring a smooth and efficient flight.

The app also includes a search function that allows you to discover nearby Fly Spots and GEO zones, providing you with valuable information about local regulations and restrictions.

The DJI Fly app is compatible with a range of iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide audience.

It can be downloaded from the DJI official website or the Apple store, ensuring that you can easily get started with your DJI Mini 2 drone.

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Third-Party Apps for DJI Mini 2 Comparison

To effectively compare third-party apps for the DJI Mini 2, it is important to regularly assess their features and functionalities. Two popular alternatives to the official DJI app are Litchi and Dronelink.

Let’s compare them in terms of intelligent flight modes, planning waypoint missions, and panoramas and tiny planets quality.

Litchi vs Dronelink:

  • Litchi offers a range of autonomous intelligent flight modes, including subject tracking, which allows the drone to automatically follow and capture footage of a moving subject.
  • Dronelink, on the other hand, provides features like terrain following and is compatible with smart controllers and CrystalSky, which can enhance the flying experience.

Planning Waypoint Missions:

Panoramas and Tiny Planets Quality:

  • Some users believe that Litchi’s panoramas and tiny planets, which are automatically stitched together, offer superior quality compared to the official DJI app.
  • While Dronelink may not have specific features for panoramas and tiny planets, it can still capture high-quality footage that can be edited and stitched together using other software.
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DJI Fly App Installation Guide Steps

To successfully install the DJI Fly app for controlling the DJI Mini 2 drone, follow these step-by-step instructions.

The DJI Fly app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, but the installation process differs slightly for each platform.

For iOS devices, simply open the App Store and search for the DJI Fly app. Tap on the app to download it, and if prompted, enter your password or complete a face scan.

Once the app is downloaded, open it, create an account, and log in. Remember to update the DJI Fly app regularly to ensure you have the latest features and improvements.

For Android devices, since the DJI Fly app is no longer available in the Google Play store, you’ll need to visit the DJI official website.

From there, download the DJI Fly app APK file and an APK installer if you don’t already have one. Use the APK installer to install the DJI Fly app on your Android device.

Once the DJI Fly app is installed, you can connect it to your DJI Mini 2 drone. The app’s user interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, providing all the necessary tools for capturing stunning images and videos with your drone.

If you encounter any issues during the setup process, refer to the DJI Fly app’s troubleshooting guide or contact DJI customer support for assistance.

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Enhancing DJI Mini 2 Experience with Companion Apps

To enhance your DJI Mini 2 experience, there are several companion apps available that offer additional features and functionalities.

Some popular options include:

  • Litchi: provides advanced mapping and waypoint capabilities
  • UAV Forecast: helps you track weather conditions for safe flying
  • LightCut: offers professional-grade video editing tools
  • Dronelink: allows you to automate your drone flights

These apps can greatly enhance your flying experience and provide more options for creativity and safety.


Litchi is a companion app that enhances the DJI Mini 2 experience by offering advanced features and autonomous flight modes.

Here are some of the key features of Litchi:

  • Waypoint missions: With Litchi, you can plan and execute waypoint missions ahead of time on your desktop. This allows for precise and automated flight paths, taking your aerial photography to the next level.
  • Autonomous flight modes: Litchi offers a range of autonomous flight modes, including the ability to track subjects. This feature is especially useful for capturing dynamic shots and ensuring that your subject remains in focus throughout the flight.
  • Panoramas and tiny planets: Litchi also provides superior quality panoramas and tiny planets that are automatically stitched together. This allows you to capture breathtaking wide-angle shots and create unique visual effects.

UAV Forecast

UAV Forecast significantly enhances the DJI Mini 2 experience by providing crucial weather information, ensuring safe and optimal flying conditions. This app offers a range of features that are essential for drone pilots.

Firstly, it provides accurate weather monitoring, allowing users to check wind speed, visibility, precipitation, and temperature at their desired location.

This is crucial for determining whether it is safe to fly and helps prevent accidents due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Secondly, the app offers GPS tracking, allowing users to keep track of their drone’s location in real-time.

Additionally, it provides solar activity tracking, which is useful for predicting potential interference from solar flares and geomagnetic storms.

Furthermore, UAV Forecast alerts users to No Fly Zones and provides flight restriction updates, ensuring compliance with local regulations and avoiding unauthorized areas.

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LightCut is a valuable companion app for DJI Mini 2 pilots. It seamlessly integrates with the drone to enhance the overall flying experience.

With its user-friendly interface and mobile compatibility, this app provides a range of editing tools and AI-based features that allow users to easily enhance their aerial footage.

Key features of LightCut include:

  • AI-based editing: LightCut utilizes AI technology to automatically enhance and optimize your footage with just one tap. This saves you time and effort in the editing process.
  • Customizable templates: The app offers a variety of professionally-designed video templates. These templates can be easily customized to suit your creative vision and style.
  • Mobile compatibility: LightCut is compatible with mobile devices. This allows pilots to edit their footage on the go, without the need for a computer or additional software.

With LightCut, DJI Mini 2 pilots can take their aerial videography to the next level.

They can create stunning and professional-looking videos with ease.


To enhance the DJI Mini 2 experience with companion apps, one recommended option is Dronelink. This app offers automated mapping features, including waypoint planning and photo/video mapping.

It is compatible with Android devices, allowing users to take full advantage of its capabilities.

With Dronelink, you can easily create custom waypoints for your drone flights, ensuring precise and efficient navigation.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, Dronelink provides basic mapping functionality and advanced features to enhance your drone photography and videography.

The app’s Android compatibility makes it accessible to a wide range of users, allowing them to maximize the potential of their DJI Mini 2 drone. With Dronelink, you can take your aerial photography and videography to new heights.

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DJI Mini 2 Firmware Updates and Features

The DJI Mini 2 offers a range of firmware updates and features to enhance its performance and functionality.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • DJI Mini 2 firmware updates: DJI regularly releases firmware updates for the Mini 2 to improve its stability, fix bugs, and introduce new features. These updates can be accessed through the DJI Fly app, ensuring that your drone remains up to date with the latest improvements.
  • DJI Mini 2 app features: The DJI Fly app provides a variety of features to enhance your flying experience with the Mini 2. These include Virtual Flight, which allows you to practice flying in a virtual environment, as well as device management and package tracking functionalities.
  • DJI Mini 2 firmware issues: While firmware updates generally bring improvements, it’s important to stay informed about the changes each update brings and consider user feedback. Some users have reported performance issues after updating, so it’s advisable to research and gather information before deciding to update.
  • DJI Mini 2 app alternatives: Although the DJI Fly app is the official app for the Mini 2, there are alternative third-party apps available that offer additional features and compatibility with other devices. These apps can provide different functionalities and may be worth exploring if you’re looking for a more tailored experience.
  • DJI Mini 2 app compatibility: The DJI Fly app is compatible with a range of devices, including smartphones and tablets. However, it’s important to ensure that your device meets the app’s requirements to ensure smooth and reliable performance. Check the DJI website for the latest compatibility information before downloading the app.
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Optimizing DJI Mini 2 Performance Tips?

Continuing the discussion on optimizing the performance of the DJI Mini 2, one important factor to consider is adjusting the camera settings for capturing high-quality footage.

To achieve cinematic shots, it is recommended to adjust the yaw speed and smoothness in the DJI Fly app. A setting of 45 for yaw speed and 8 for smoothness is a good starting point.

Additionally, adjusting the shutter speed to twice your frames per second (fps) or as close to it as possible will help achieve motion blur.

For example, if shooting at 30 fps, aim for a shutter speed of 60. Keeping the ISO as close to 100 as possible is also recommended.

When it comes to video quality, using 4K is ideal if your hardware can handle it. Slowing down the gimbal settings and yaw settings of the drone when it’s turning around its own axis can help improve stability and reduce jerky movements.

In terms of troubleshooting, common issues with the DJI Mini 2 include the drone not turning on, batteries not charging, charged batteries not working, the drone failing to hover in place, and the controller not connecting to the drone.

These issues can be caused by out-of-date firmware, faulty batteries or chargers, poor compass or controller calibration, damaged motors, body, or propellers, or an incompatible phone.

It is important to keep the drone’s firmware updated for optimal performance.

Lastly, consider using ND filters to control exposure and achieve a more cinematic look in your footage.


In conclusion, the DJI Mini 2 is a versatile drone that offers a range of features and functionalities.

With the official DJI Fly app and various third-party apps, users can enhance their experience and optimize the performance of the drone.

Firmware updates also ensure that users have access to the latest features and improvements.

By following the provided installation guide and implementing performance tips, users can make the most out of their DJI Mini 2 drone.

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