About Us

About Us

UK’s Leading Commercial Drone Survey Service

Drone Survey Services (DSS) is the UK’s leading drone service provider. We are committed to redefining precision, reliability, and professionalism in the world of drone services.

Licensed under the UK Civil Aviation Authority, we prioritize delivering solutions that meet and exceed the highest standards in the industry. Our spectrum of specialized drone services ranges from detailed inspections and premium filming services to comprehensive aerial surveys.

At DSS, we are not just a provider; we are your trusted partner in the drone service sector, guaranteeing excellence and reliability at every turn.

Setting the Standard

Our goal is to provide the gold standard in drone services, transcending the capabilities of smaller providers through our focus on high-end, superior services.

Adaptable Solutions

Our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction drives us to offer adaptable drone payloads. We redefine customisation, tailoring our drone and aerial services to your unique requirements with exceptional precision.

Trust and Experience

Backed by experienced technicians and advanced technology, we ensure accuracy in data sets beyond the realm of amateur practices. Our reputation as the UK’s most reliable drone service is built on the foundation of trust and experience.

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Founder | Engineer

James Leslie

James Leslie, the founder and director of Drone Survey Services, is a visionary leader in the drone service sector, leveraging his profound expertise in aerial surveys to redefine standards and expectations. As a CAA-Specific and Certified Category-UAS pilot, his knowledge extends far beyond mere theory, as he has countless hours of practical flight and operational experience under his belt.

James held leadership roles at prominent organisations, such as Atlas Copco, and American Science and Engineering, Inc. His diverse background not only includes management, strategic planning, and client relations, but he also has extensive experience navigating the technical, regulatory, and business aspects of the rapidly-evolving drone industry. With his authoritative command of the drone space,

James is dedicated to delivering innovative, precise, and reliable solutions for drone applications to clients across the UK and beyond.

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